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Happy Presets & Workshop Customers
“Cole’s film presets will open your eyes and provide you a new perspective on film style photography. His presets gave my photographs a nice soft classic feel, yet with a modern flair.

What I love most though is how simple they are to use, they completely sped up my workflow within Lightroom. Instead of 15 minutes of adjustments, I was finished in 15 seconds. You will not be disappointed.”

“This is the most thorough yet user friendly Lightroom training I have ever used. I love being able to watch the entire workshop straight through or easily skip around to areas I need help with!”
“Oh my gosh! Thank YOU! The Cole’s Classroom Newborn Photography Workshop is soooo good & couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me & my business after recently doing my first newborn session & realizing there is so much to learn with newborns. I love how easy the workshop is to navigate through whatever chapter I’m interested in and it’s so complete in content too! I finally have a grasp on my pricing & how to run my business and thanks to the bonus newborn presets I am spending far less time editing and more time with my family!!!! Thank you for providing such a complete training resource for me!”
Hi Cole, I just used your newborn lightroom presets for the first time and WOW!!!! I have purchased other newborn sets and nothing has worked the one click magic that your presets do on angry blotchy newborn skin. The “Soft Creamy Color-Neutral” is a dream preset, and “Pink Pastel” adds the perfect something….. You have just saved my hundreds of hours of sitting in this chair! THANK YOU!
“These presets have transformed my photos! They go from good to great! I get the “oohs and aaahhs” when people looks at my photos now. They give them that “edge” that was missing while cutting down my processing by many hours. I typically can just use a preset, adjust the exposure and shadows slightly and that’s it!”

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