Hi, I’m Cole.  My goal is simple.  To help make YOU a better photographer… The quick & easy way!




My Story

Both shooting & teaching photography is my life these days but it didn’t start out that way, and it wasn’t an easy road…

“Yep – I was “that guy”, can you relate? A “weekend warrior” as we’d be referred to in hostile photo forums.”

It was 2008 when I first decided that a lifelong career in corporate finance didn’t sound too fulfilling for me and I randomly decided to try my hand at photography in the hopes of making some extra money on the side.

Yep – I was “that guy”, can you relate? A “weekend warrior” as we’d be referred to in hostile photo forums.

Luckily for me, I quickly fell in love taking photos and made it my mission to continually hone my skills to continually become a better photographer.

The problem though wasn’t my love for photography, it was how difficult it was to get good, real, trustworthy info to help me learn photography.

From the fear of backlash of posting in angry online photo forums to reaching out repeatedly to local professionals offering a helping hand (only to be ignored or told “no”), I certainly had no shortcuts.

No one wanted to help me out or show me the ropes.  I took matters into my own hands and immersed myself with reading books, I scoured the internet for tutorials and set up photo shoots to get as much experience as possible.  About 5 months after buying my first camera I photographed my first wedding…

Today, five years and over 102 weddings later, I own and operate a thriving wedding & portrait photography studio, Cole Joseph Photography, and teach over 60,000 photographers each month through Cole’s Classroom how to become better photographers.

To say that I love helping others succeed is an understatement.  Being able to help transform people into better photographers from across the globe is truly remarkable and something I don’t take for granted.

“There are a lot of photography tutorial blogs on the internet, but Cole’s Classroom is different.”

Cole’s Classroom provides community, personality, inspiration and a level of genuineness that I don’t believe is found in many other places on the web.

I don’t have a team of employees with hired help answering my emails or a team of writers posting content.  It’s all me.

Why?  Because what I love most about helping people become better photographers online is the personal help that I can provide.

I believe that together we can all learn more from each other than we otherwise could on our own. Cole’s Classroom exists to provide the photography community real world, relevant guidance and education.  I look forward to lending you a helping hand & sharing with you all of my favorite tips & tricks!

Now – before you go any further…

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