Betsy Davis

About Betsy Davis

Betsy Davis is a wife, mom, and portrait photographer living in northwestern Missouri. She is the owner and principle photographer of Betsy Davis Photography. Her love of photography was born out of a lifelong passion for documenting memories, and is rivaled by an (almost) equal love for good coffee and sunny weather. Stay connected with Betsy through her website, Facebook and Instagram pages!

Back Button Focus Explained – What Is It & Why You Need It!

Back Button Focus Explained: Take Your Focus to the Next Level!

Back button focus usually confuses photographers at first but once they “get it”, they love it! If there is anything I wish I had known sooner in my journey as a photographer, it would be this one simple thing: Back Button Focus. This has been quite […]

Improve your Photography by Practicing in Your Own House!

Artist In Your Own Home: Improve your Photography by Practicing in Your Own House!
Have you ever felt constricted in your ability to learn and grow in your photography because you don’t have access to high-end workshops or expensive photography classes? Maybe your time is limited, and you want to increase your skill set, but you […]