Looking for tips to grow your photography business?

So you made it official: You started your photography business! At this point you’ve probably done some portfolio building, created a Facebook page, set some prices, and have had a few sessions with family and friends. You might even have a couple brand new clients! But… then things start to slow down and get quiet…. And you get nervous. If you have just started your photography business, and find yourself wondering “What’s next?” we have some tips for you to keep that business growing! Don’t panic when the initial rush wears off. Trust us, this is completely normal. If you want to see continued growth and success, follow these 3 tips to grow your photography business.

tips to grow your photography business

Make it a Great Experience, from Start to Finish

When you’re relatively new in the photography business, it can be hard to wrap your head around, but you must remember that your clients are looking to you as the professional. They are looking for you to be the expert and to be prepared. As you grow your photography business, it is vital that you anticipate your client’s needs and questions. Never leave them feeling unprepared. Show them you’ve thought of everything by providing them with everything they need to know before their session. Here are a just a few ways you can do this!

  • Have a FAQ page for your clients
  • Give your clients a session guide
  • Be prepared with “What to Wear” recommendations
  • Send confirmation communication, both upon booking and just before their session
  • Watch the weather before your session, and stay in touch with your client if there is a chance of inclement weather
  • Communicate your process and policies clearly and upfront to eliminate any surprises
  • Thank them for working with you! A little appreciation goes a long way. More on this below.

Want to read more about preparing your clients for a great session? Click here to read our tutorial on Client Expectations!

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Stay on Top of Your Workflow

Getting and staying organized ensures you never miss a step with a client. If you don’t have your workflow mapped out already, start there. A “workflow” is just a list of everything you need to do with each client from start to finish. Make a list of all of the steps you walk through with each client, and create a checklist to follow for every session, to make sure you don’t forget anything!

I also highly recommend using email templates to save on time and to make sure you never forget to communicate valuable information. Email templates are a fantastic way to save time by not having to type the same information over and over for every client!

Having a workflow and utilizing templates will increase your efficiency, helping you spend less time behind a computer and giving you more time do what you love and what’s earning you money: taking photos!

Did you know that we have created a sample workflow checklist AND email templates FOR YOU? You can get them with our Family Portraits Toolkit! And that Session Guide mentioned above? That’s in here, too! Click here to learn more!

best tips to grow your photography business

Get Those Referrals!

One of the most important things you can do as you grow your photography business is get people talking. The very best business comes from word of mouth! Once you’ve given your clients a great experience, don’t be afraid to ask them to refer you!! Not sure how to do that? Start by sending them a thank you note, or even a gift! No matter how big or small, saying “thank you” goes a long way. So whether you send a hand written note, a gift card, or a coupon for a discounted session, send something! Include a note lets them know how much you enjoyed working with them, and that you would be so grateful if they referred you to their friends and family. You can even offer an incentive for referrals!

And finally, keep in mind that growing a business takes time. Once the rush wears off from the initial excitement, don’t get discouraged. Instead, keep working. Keep spreading the word. Keep posting your work. Growth that lasts tends to happen slowly, so don’t expect to skyrocket overnight. And lastly, enjoy this journey of doing what you love!

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