Mini sessions are a great way to give clients a short preview of what it’s like to work with you. But how do we successfully plan mini sessions?

If you’ve ever hosted a mini session, you most likely hosted it during a certain season and depending on the amount of sessions you book, it can get overwhelming very quickly. 

But when you think about mini sessions, think beyond what it’s like for you, and consider the following 4 tips to help you plan successful mini sessions:

  1. Who is your ideal client 
  2. How booking a mini session can benefit them
  3. What the booking experience is like
  4. The amount of money you can make in one day

#1: Who is your ideal client

Sometimes we’re so focused on the booking itself, that we forget to consider who our ideal clients are. If you want to attract specific clients to your mini sessions, you need to speak directly to them. This means you need to use your copy to show them why they should book with you. 

Write copy that connects

Let’s use the following as an example of a promotional copy for a mini session:

“Do you need updated photos of your little ones but don’t want to invest in a standard one-hour session? Then my limited mini sessions are the perfect option to update those memories affordably and quickly.”

This copy makes your ideal client feel seen and also lets them know what to expect by carefully selecting the words “limited,” “affordably” and “quickly.” 

Why is this important? During your mini sessions, clients will know the session duration and can mentally prepare for it ahead of time. It also sets the expectation that mini sessions aren’t always offered so if they do decide to invest in their memories again, your mini session package may not be available. 

In writing your copy for your mini session promo, consider asking yourself the following:

  • Who is my ideal client?
  • What problem do I solve for them?
  • Why should they choose me?

#2: How booking a mini session can benefit them

If your ideal client is a family, mini sessions tend to be priced more affordably for them and the time limit can also be a bonus. 

Mini sessions give them the option to update those family photos without having to invest too much money on a standard package. For newer clients you’ve never worked with, it gives them the ability to see how you work and can ultimately determine if they continue to work with you in the future. 

For photographers, mini sessions give us the ability to shoot multiple families at the same time in one location and if we’re smart with our execution, we can walk away making four figures in one day with multiple back to back sessions, than we would with one client.

#3: What is the booking experience like

The booking experience will determine how confident and prepared a client feels prior to showing up for their session, during the session, and after.

Use a booking tool 

When you use a booking tool such as Tave, it allows you to set specific information such as dates, times, a brief description of the session, collect retainers, etc. beforehand. 

This will also limit the amount of time you go back and forth with a client to determine what works best for them. 

Send out a confirmation email

Create a personalized email and let your client know you got their booking and that you will be following up with session details within a specific time frame. This method is good to use when clients book sessions months in advance and will set the stage for when you will communicate with them about their session.

Send an email with booking details

Sending an email with booking details allows your clients to prepare for their session. The more details you can add, the more time you can save yourself without having to go back and forth answering questions. 

Things to include in booking details email:

  1. Date & Time: Make sure to also include the importance of showing up on time
  2. Location: Include the address along with a map with the exact meeting location
  3. Wardrobe Assistance: You can create a Pinterest board for them to reference different outfits for that season
  4. Prep Notes: Are there things they should bring? Props, food, snacks for little ones, stroller friendly? Etc. 
  5. Gallery Information: How many photos are you sending and when can they expect the gallery? If you are upcharging for photos, how much is each additional photo? 
  6. Balance: What is the balance they need to pay and when is it due. 

The day of the session

During the session, be mindful of your time and conscious of your pose list. This will help ensure the session is completed within the amount of time promised and will also make things easier for you and prevents having to push any other sessions back. 

Your client experience will ultimately not only help your client, but it will also help you stay organized and be efficient with your time. 

#4: Consider the amount of money you can make in one day

If executed correctly, the potential money you can make in a day is limitless. 

Let’s consider this example:

  • Say you price your mini sessions at $300 and book 10 clients (5/day = 2 days). You can potentially bring in $3,000 in one weekend. Of course, we should consider the amount of time it will take to edit those sessions but if you’ve communicated that it will take 14 business days in the prep email and in person, then it will save you on time having clients check in on the progress.

To conclude, if planned correctly, mini sessions are not only beneficial to your clients but also to you. When you take the time to speak to your ideal clients and truly prep them, mini sessions can be fun, smooth, and a great way to make more money than your standard sessions.