Thinking of ways to add value to your client experience? Here are 7 ways to really pique interest and get people talking about your photography business.

Since everyone and their dog wants to be a photographer these days, it’s really important that you add value to your client experience. Word of mouth advertising is your best form of marketing, so investing in some extras for your photography clients will really start to help build momentum. Not only do you want your clients to leave with beautiful photos, you want them to finish their experience with nothing but amazing things to say about you and your business. Here are a few tips for really impressing your customers!

1. Bring a special gift to add value to your session!

Who doesn’t love a little treat?! This is where client questionnaires can be REALLY useful. Ask what interests your clients have, or what their children love! I will never forget when we had our family photos taken, and my littlest was a tad on the grouchy side. Our amazing photographer brought some little stuffed toys, and HOLY COW, did that make all the difference. Not only did it make for some smiles, but it really left me feeling like she cared about my girls and our family.  Needless to say I LOVED the entire experience from start to finish.

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Here are some fun and affordable ideas for impressing:

  • Engagement sessions: A bottle of wine, a $10 gift certificate, or a beautiful frame.
  • Maternity/newborn sessions: A baby gift, outfit, bath supplies for mom, a nursery decoration.
  • Family sessions with young kids: Stuffed animals, car/trucks, light-up ball, or a book (which can also be useful DURING a session).
  • Corporate contracts: A gift basket for the crew.
  • Senior sessions: A fun photo frame, Starbucks or movie gift card, or sweet treat.
  • Boudoir sessions: A candle, frame, champagne candy or gift card.

add value to client experience

2. Think of the other talents you may be able to offer during a session!

Being a photographer may be one of many talents you have! Try to think of other things you can do to really wow your clients. One photographer mention she was also a hair and makeup artist, which could be a HUGE add-on for a boudoir or maternity session! Another was a former baker, which would be a great asset for a cake smash session! If you can’t think of anything, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to wow your clients!

adding value to client experience

3. Deliver more images or time.

This one is easy! Something we always talk about is under promising and over delivering! You can do this a number of ways, but the easiest is to give a few more images than promised.  So if you offered a package for 25 images, maybe include 5 extra! Make sure to tell your clients that you are gifting them the extra images, so they know you are going above and beyond what was promised. Here are a few other ways to add extra value in terms of images and time.

  • Offer a discount on extra images they would like to purchase.
  • Add 15 minutes to a family session, or an hour of extra coverage to a wedding as a free bonus! The fact is, you may do this anyway, but let your clients know that it’s your special gift to them to make it a little more special.
  • Offer an extra location bonus (if it’s in the same area as the original location).

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4. Create a video from your session or gift a mobile app of their images!

These new trend are HUGE, and I promise will really wow your clients. Many DSLRs have the option to take video. You can take small video clips during a session, and create a cool slideshow to surprise your clients! There are a ton of video software options, like Animoto, Final Cut Pro, etc. This pairs their photos and video to music and will likely pull the heartstrings! Another great option is to gift your client a personalized mobile app! This is free with both Shootproof and Pixieset, and is a huge bonus that you can surprise them with when you deliver their images (and it’s free with a subscription)!

5. Use Canva!

This is specifically for you commercial or social media photographers out there. is a free design site that is AMAZING. Seriously, check it out. Not only can you make advertisements for your own business in like 30 seconds, you can make them for your commercial clients too! You basically give the illusion that you’ve just spent HOURS in photoshop to give them a little extra. They can then post these on their social media sites and credit you!

6. Send an AWESOME “thank you” after a session!

There is nothing better than getting a sweet treat, handwritten note and a gift print in the mail. You can spend as little as $10, but think about how that $10 is going DIRECTLY towards getting new clients. I promise that your clients won’t stop talking about you and your stellar service if you pop a little gift in the mail!

add value

7. Add a scrap book or album!

For those higher paying sessions, like weddings, engagements, or family events, adding a surprise scrap book or album can really blow them away. One CC Pro group member mentioned that an event hadn’t gone as planned and she was bummed. Despite her disappointment, she got to work making a scrap book and absolutely turned the whole experience around. Pouring your love and energy into a project for your client will ALWAYS grab their attention!

In conclusion, going above and beyond for your clients is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA. You don’t need to spend a lot to add value to your client experience, and in fact, you can build it into your session fee! There is literally no better way to draw new business than getting previous clients to talk about your amazing customer service. Your goal is to make each person feel special, since they’re letting you in on an intimate moment of their lives. There is nothing better than feeling appreciated and valued!

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