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About Edel Clark

Edel Clark is an Irish multi-tasking wife, living in the UK, and mammy to Aaron and Alyssa, two toddlers who are without question her “Why” to everything. A true believer in pushing through all barriers to achieve the life you dream of, she has ticked the boxes of working in the fields of Education, Journalism, and Photography – with the latter being the one that sparks a fire like no other. She mainly focuses on Newborns, Families, Lifestyle, and Weddings, but like many people, struggles to say no just in case she misses something fun! All of the above means that, obviously, she’s addicted to coffee, late night snacking and listening to Bon Jovi on repeat. Her motto? If in doubt, do it – because there’s NO greatest fear than regret.

Are you looking for that perfect bag to meet your photography needs AND compliment your lifestyle? Here are our top picks of camera bags for women –  what style will you choose? Hey everyone! So today I want to talk everything camera bag related. Or more specifically, camera bags for women! You …

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