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About Josh

Josh Mitchell spent years mastering the Zen art of digital photography with a group of blind photographer monks on the top of a lonely peak in parts unknown. Once he was awarded the black belt of pure awesomeness in digital imagery, he returned to the western world to photograph some of the most dangerous weddings and portrait sessions in the United States. His work is so valued and exclusive that no single publication is able to afford to feature him. Instead he connects with his clients on a basis of their individual awesomeness and knowledge of late 80s action movies to produce photos for this chosen few. A little known fact - the hidden government has developed a secret internet protocol that blocks non-awesome people from being able to access Josh’s website, If you’re able to get through - it’s only because you’re cool.

My StoryIn mid November of 2012 I photographed a high school senior and had the first compact flash card go corrupt on me in years. Prior to that I once had lost a couple of files on a vacation in 2006. That experience had caused me to eventually change what is a horrible practice amongst …

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