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About Krystyn Slack

Krystyn started her photography career in 2014 after spending almost a decade working for the Walt Disney Company. In a few short years, Krystyn worked her way from self-taught novice to internationally and domestically published action sports photographer & journalist and in 2017 she became the first-ever female photographer to cover an entire year of officially sanctioned professional Supercross & Motocross racing (29 races in total). Krystyn’s photography style is focused on genuine moments, real connection, and authentic emotion. She is relentless in her pursuit of excellence and is passionate about sharing her journey and experience in hopes of inspiring others to reach toward their own greatness.

 Interested in sports photography?! We’ve got you covered! Typically, the name of the game in sports photography is being able to capture intense action and freeze a moment in time. Many people will ask, “What settings are best for sports photography?” As in any type of photography, the exact settings will depend on many variables …

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