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My name is Ryan Jakubowski and I have been doing photography for the last 10+ years. It has grown from an interest into a strong passion of mine that I will never stop doing. I decided to start my business, J&C Photography, over 7 years ago and it continues to take off each year! I photograph a number of different events such as weddings, senior portraits, newborns and even the severe weather that comes across the state of Michigan. For me every shoot is something new, and brings with it its own experience, and that is what keeps bringing me back every time.

My 3 Step Guide to Capturing Lightning Photos Lightning, it’s one of the most intense forms of power that Mother Nature can produce other than your tornadoes and hurricanes. It flashes the earth almost 1.4 billion times per year all over the world, and it is just waiting to be photographed! In this article I …

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In today’s highly competitive market for photography, it is not an easy task to build your brand and have people notice you. Now days, you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd and bring people in. If you’ve wondered how to market your photography, look no further. In this article, I am …

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