Boudoir photography is a fun and empowering form of art, especially for plus size individuals who may be hiding their beautiful body behind layers of clothes. When it comes to creativity, let’s face it—taking a decent selfie can feel difficult enough for some of us. We’ve rounded up 34 creative boudoir photo ideas for plus size people to inspire you.

1. Show Off Your Side

Lying on one’s side is a fantastic opportunity to create a sexy, mysterious look. It’s also an excellent time for plus size models to reveal tattoos. As a bonus, dress up in jewelry. Heels complement this pose. 

2. Take an Aerial Approach

We all know the advantages of taking a photo from a higher point to flatter the body. The same goes for boudoir photography. Ask your model to sit or lay down on the floor. Then, snap photos of them from above to accentuate their features.

woman in bra

Photo by Jesus Del Toro is licensed under CC BY 2.0

3. Dress up With a Corset

Corsets are a traditional piece of clothing used in boudoir photos, and for a good reason. A well-fitting corset will accent a plus size model’s curves and give them a beautiful hourglass figure.

4. Showcase Curves 

Plus-size models have a huge advantage when it comes to boudoir photography—their curves! Bridge poses are the most common way to show off curves. You can also have your model arch their back and hang their legs from the bed.

5. Utilize Shadows

Shadows are a great way to hide any body parts that models feel uncomfortable with. It’s also an excellent option for creating overall mystery and allure. 

6. Pretzel Pose

For a unique look, ask your model to place their hands on opposite shoulders, forming a cross with their arms. Then, have them bend their legs over one another to form a pretzel look. The Pretzel is a fantastic way for a model to pose nude while keeping their private parts covered.

7. Feature Body Parts

Zooming in on a specific part of the body is an excellent artistic tool for boudoir photography. To complement the photo, consider wearing an accessory. For example, an engagement ring is an excellent option for a woman gifting boudoir photos to their fiancé. 


8. Accentuate the Back

To create a sexy and mysterious look, photograph your model’s back without their face showing. It’s a great way to accent their bottom. If your model has long hair, consider having them wear it down.

9. Use Props for Support

Feet are a powerful tool during boudoir photoshoots. When your plus size model is lying down, offer them props like chairs and walls to support their feet. Doing so provides the image of a powerful person.

10. Couple’s Photo

Often, boudoir photos are shot individually, but they’re a beautiful piece of art when the couple is photographed together. Most commonly, photos are taken in bed or by windows. The couple should act naturally with each other for the best shots.

11. Embrace Weddings 

If your plus size model is getting married, consider taking some boudoir photos with a veil. They can also dress up their attire with their engagement ring or a wedding bouquet. 

12. Use the Floor

Don’t limit yourself to the bed—floors are an excellent place for taking sexy boudoir photos. Your model can try a variety of poses, including laying on their back, side, and with an arched back. 

13. Change Leg Positions

Having your plus size model take boudoir photos with their legs elevated adds a unique flair. Most often, it’s most comfortable for them to rest their legs against a wall or headboard. Whenever legs are involved, consider having them wear shoes for added sex appeal.

woman laying on bed

Photo by is marked with CC0 1.0

14. Get Creative with Chairs

Snap sexy boudoir photos using a chair as a prop. Models can sit, kneel, and lean on chairs. If the model is shorter, ask them to point their legs towards the camera since they’ll appear longer.

15. Bend Legs in Front of Body

For another plus size boudoir photography pose using the legs, ask models to sit fully on the floor and pull their legs in front of them. They can arrange their legs in various positions to showcase their favorite parts of their body and make their legs appear longer.

16. Utilize the Wall

Walls are an excellent prop for helping models with posture. Plus size models who sit or lean against a wall will showcase longer legs. They can also arrange their hands in various positions. 

17. Wear Your Partner’s Clothes

Of the boudoir poses for plus size people we cover here, wearing your partner’s clothes may seem simple. But with the right photographer and angle, a lot of artistic shots can be taken.

18. Shine in the Sunshine

If you snap your boudoir photos on a sunny day, this is a wonderful opportunity to take some artistic shots. It doesn’t matter if the sunny spot is indoors, on a balcony, or in a yard; it’s ideal to have only a portion of the body in direct sunlight for the best effect. 

woman in black robe

19. The Arched Back Pose

Boudoir for plus size models looking to improve their body shape can arch their back. Tilting the head to the side will offer added posture and power.

20. Face Close-ups

Starting your plus size boudoir photoshoot by focusing on the face will help your model to relax. You can also make the body out of focus for an artistic look.

21. Window Poses

Take advantage of natural light and soft shadows with a boudoir window pose. Just make sure the sunlight doesn’t directly illuminate the face and entire body, as this can wash out the model.

22. Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors are a fun way to take boudoir photos since it shows the model’s front and backside. Vintage mirrors offer an added touch.

23. Get Outdoors

Taking outdoor boudoir photos of plus size models can be a liberating experience. Pick a field, forest, or any quiet place your model feels comfortable for the photoshoot.

24. Photoshoot in the City

Cities make a sexy, modern backdrop for boudoir plus size photos. Doing so in a high-rise building is ideal with lingerie. 

25. Hop in the Shower

Taking photos in the shower is a great addition to a boudoir collection. Alternatively, you can take pictures of plus size models once in a bath towel after their shower.

26. The Power of Flour

For an interesting look, try tossing flour in the air or adorning it around the model. The color white is a popular and attractive feature of boudoir photography.

27. Pick a Theme

If you are taking boudoir photos for a specific holiday, make sure to accompany your wardrobe with props and color themes that match that holiday.

28. Hint at Nudity 

With this photoshoot style, your plus size model can use props to cover themselves while remaining mostly nude. Chairs, fabric, and even paint can be used to cover private areas.

red bra

29. Create allure with Translucent Fabric

Veils, curtain lace, and any see-through fabric are fantastic options for creating a unique plus size boudoir shooting. 

30. Beauty of Fairy Lighting

For a touch of romance, ask your model to sit in a dark room and wrap fairy lights around their body. Plus size models will be able to use the lights to illuminate their favorite body parts.

31. Reve Things up in a Car

Get back outside for some sexy boudoir car photos. Vintage cars are ideal for this, and you can take photos both inside and outside the vehicle.

32. Dress like a Cowgirl

Cowgirl boots, straw hats, and flannel shirts make for stunning boudoir plus size pictures. Consider having your model use the hat to cover certain parts of her body for an artistic look.

33. Look Angelical 

Wings and a flowing see-through white top make for a great plus size boudoir photo. Their underwear should ideally be a bright color to stand out.

34. Shoot in the Candlelight

Candles are an excellent way to accent a plus size figure by highlighting the model’s favorite parts of their body. It’s also a romantic look.

Bonus Boudoir Photo Ideas for Plus Size People

When looking to take plus size boudoir photos, there are a few items to keep in mind. 

First, you’ll want to do your research. There are countless poses a model can perform. It’s your job to ensure they feel comfortable with and are capable of performing any given pose.

Secondly, maintaining excellent communication during the photoshoot is critical for building trust and getting the best results. You’ll want to give your model encouragement and pointers. 

Similarly, it’s imperative to listen to your model’s feedback on their comfort and how they’re feeling.

Finally, beautiful photos come from confident people, regardless of whether or not they’re plus size. Therefore, the model must choose outfits they feel beautiful and confident in. 

legs against wall

Boudoir Photography FAQ

Now that we’ve filled your mind with creative boudoir photography ideas, let’s look at a couple of common questions.

What should a model wear to a plus size boudoir photo shoot?

How much and what you wear for your boudoir plus size photography session depends on theme and comfort. 

High waisted underwear and corsets with underbust waist cinchers are popular options for comfort. Make sure to avoid clothing that’s too tight.

How do you market boudoir photos?

The key to marketing boudoir photos is similar to marketing in any category—networking, collecting testimonials, and advertising. 

It’s common to get boudoir referrals via word of mouth from friends sharing their experience. So, if you offer your current clients a positive and comfortable experience, they’ll likely relay those feelings when boasting about you to those they know.

Wrap Up

We hope these boudoir photo ideas for plus sized individuals have inspired you to create creative and empowering photography. By creating a positive and communicative environment between the model and photographer, you’ll capture images that will be cherished for years to come.