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“I believe that learning photography doesn’t have to be so difficult!”  

New to the fun, but at times overwhelming world of photography?  Don’t worry, this is our complete collection of the very best beginner photography tutorials that I’ve published on Cole’s Classroom.  

Read one, read all – enjoy!

The Best Beginner Photography Tutorials

How to Get Sharp Photos – All the Time!: There are three major pitfalls that often hurt image sharpness.  Three.  That’s it. Learn exactly what these pitfalls are so you can improve your photo sharpness today.
How to get sharp photos_0000

5 Top Reasons Why You Need a 50mm Lens: a [amazon link=”B085PGXDVY” title=”50mm lens” /] is among the most popular lenses to have in your kit, find out why.

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best beginner photography tutorials

Fundamentals of Photography – Understanding Aperture: By the time you are done reading you will have a clear idea of what aperture is, what it does and what effect it has on your photography.
Photography Basics

Should I Upgrade or Keep the Kit Lens?:  Learn the top three reasons your kit lens is holding you back as a photographer
Why Your Kit Lens is Preventing you

Depth of Field Explained: Everything you need to know about depth of field.  What it is and what you need to know!
what is depth of field?

How to Take Photos in Low Light Conditions: One of the greatest initial challenges for most photographers is how to take great photos in low light conditions.  This very article will explain everything you need to know to conquer any low light conditions.
How to take photos in low light conditions_0001

Photography Basics – ISO Explained the Easy Way!: A frustrating key concept for many.  This quick read breaks it all down into easy to understand examples so you know what it is and how it affects you.
Photography Tutorials Photography Tips

More Beginner Photography Resources:

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