Podcasts are one of the best “inventions” of that last two decades, along with smart phones and cronuts (part donut, part croissant.  Totally life changing.)  At least as far as I’m concerned.  Podcasts are my go-to audio splurge when I want to learn, grow, or to simply be entertained.  With the volume of shows and episodes available, you can find plenty to help you learn photography or grow you business as well.  Here’s my list of the best photography podcasts!

To be honest, I haven’t listened to every single one of these shows.  There’s simply not enough time to keep up with each one on the list.  But I’ve highlighted some of my favorites and listed lots of others so you can listen and decide which ones are your favorites, too! Be warned, some are a bit,*ahem,* uncensored!

Find Your Focus

The Find Your Focus Podcast is obviously one of my favorite shows, and not just because its’ a Cole’s Classroom project.  I think it is one of the best photography podcasts around because each episode gives you easy-to-implement tips and tools to grow your skills.  Each week, Logan, our host, interviews an expert guest on timely and important topics such as social media marketing, branding and in-person sales.  I walk away from each episode with a page full of ideas and action steps to start implementing in my business!

Wedding Photography Podcasts

Best Wedding Photography Podcasts

Whether weddings are your bread and butter or just an occasional event, you’ll find inspiration and and some of the best podcasts around here!

Rove the Podcast

If you’re a non-traditional wedding photographer, or aspire to be, check out “Rove.”  This show is all about fulfilling your need for wanderlust AND being a successful photographer and business owner.  Each show features an actual working wedding photographer to shares ideas and advice.  Some shows are specific to improving your wedding day experience, such as Episode 24: 3 Tips for Posing Your Couples.  Others are more informative and get you thinking about your own attitudes and opinions, including Episode 17: How to Not Give a Funk.

Wedding Photographers Unite

This show has more than 100 episodes, so there’s a ton of great content here.  I find Wedding Photographers Unite to be less like listening to an interview and more like hanging out at the coffee shop with friends.  If you want to just feel like you’re listening to someone who “gets it” about the highs and lows of being a photographer, this is your show.  I enjoy it for its realness and how the hosts speak out loud the great and crummy things about wedding photography.

Wedding Photo Hangover

The “Hangover” is self-described irreverent phototainment and it is AWESOME if you have a twisted sense of humor or appreciate snark.  I’ve pivoted away from weddings as a large part of my business, but I still love this show. The hosts, Dustin and Steve, are both working photographers.  And they don’t pull punches.  They talk photography, but also issues like BLM and drones.  The shows are random and a little chaotic.  You’ll also probably learn more than you might want to about Dustin and Steve’s marriages and opinions on uplighting at wedding receptions.  This isn’t a how-to type of show.  It’s more like listening to two hilarious guy-friends as they grump about their careers and their lives.  If you want a show that’s the complete opposite of stuffy and uptight, this is for you.

She Creates Business

She Creates Business focuses on the business end of wedding photography and one of the best on the airwaves to fill that need.  Her subtitle is “Marketing for Wedding Pros.”  There is a lot of really great content on growing and scaling your wedding photography business.  This is a women-centric show, featuring a female host and female guests who are experts in their industry.  She discusses standard topics like brand identity and pricing, but also has some really unique perspectives, such as Episode 172: The Rise of Gen Z and Embracing Tech to Meet Their Needs.  Even if you don’t photograph weddings, there is still some amazing content here.

Other Best Wedding Shows to Explore:

Best Photography Podcasts

Top Photography Business Podcasts

If you want ideas on how to grow, scale or pivot your photography business, check out this list of the best photography business shows.  

The Six Figure Photography Podcast With Ben Hartley

This show is based on the premise of Ben interviewing guests and teaching listeners how to grow their business to six figure, much like Ben himself did in just a few short years.  He discusses things like marketing, mastermind groups, and using Facebook groups.  But there are also industry-specific episodes, such as a recent episode on getting into real-estate work, and general topics all photographers can relate to such as overcoming fear, self-doubt and finances.  Ben has great energy and these shows always leave me feeling upbeat and energized.

The Goal Digger Podcast

Host Jenna Kutcher got her start as a wedding photographer.  She doesn’t shoot now, but shares her knowledge of growing a business.  There is great content that applies to the business of photography.  I find Jenna to be two parts business coach, one part inspiration.  Some episodes are just Jenna sharing her ideas and advice.  Others are her and a guest discussing a topic.  She covers marketing, starting your own email list and all sorts of things in between.

SEO For Photographers

If you don’t understand SEO or need to understand it better, start following the content put out by the guys at Fuel Your Photos.  It’s all about the whys and hows of SEO and they come at it from the perspective of a photographer.  As of the release of this article, there are only 13 episodes, but look to see this count grow over the coming weeks.  Keyword strategies, website platforms reviews…great content photographers can understand when it comes to their websites and SEO.

Other Business-Focused Shows:

Podcasts about Film Photography

Film Photography Podcasts

I’ll have to admit I haven’t shot film in over two decades.  I started my journey with a camera in the darkroom and I absolutely loved it.  Listening to these shows make me want to get back to those roots and jump back into film.  Here are a few shows to check out if film is your love and passion.

Podcasts about Photography in General

Bokeh – The Photography Podcast

The goal of this show is to help photographers build a sustainable business.  It has episodes on topics such as upselling and getting ahead during the slow season.  Most shows focus on the business end of things, but there’s a few episodes that help you improve your shooting skills and are full of photography tips.  Like Find Your Focus, I always have a page full of ideas and action items to work on after listening to these episodes.  Most episodes feature some specific steps you can take to implement the ideas discussed on the show, making it really easy to apply those concepts to your own photography business.  It’s classy and professional. 

FroKnowsPhoto Podcasts

Host Jared Polin, AKA Fro, is one of those people you either love or just really don’t care for.  Few are in between.  He’s bold, brash and isn’t afraid to share his opinion.  I think he’s hilarious and I appreciate that he shares what he really thinks about a topic.  In fact, some of his show episodes are actually designated with the word rant.  I appreciate his very blunt gear reviews and brutal honesty.  If you like a no-holds barred approach with a bit of sarcasm and snark thrown in, give Fro a try.

Fashion / Commercial Photography Podcasts

Fashion and commercial work is a whole other ball of wax, as my dad used to say,  from my focus on families and seniors.  If you’re a fashion photographer, you aren’t really interested in how to get grumpy dads to cooperate on a family shoot or nailing that ring shot.  You want a show that focuses on what you need…advice on dealing with models, businesses and corporations.  Give these a listen!

Podcasts about Photography

Portrait Photography Related Podcasts

Ahhh, now we are speaking my language.  Family, seniors, mini-sessions…that’s what my business focuses on.  Here are a few of my favorite shows that I use for photography tips and to help grow and inspire my portrait business.

The Family Photographer Podcast

This podcast has a different approach than most photography podcasts.  Rather than being about how to be a better photographer or improve your business, this podcast focuses on parents who love to photograph their families.  She interviews professional and amateur photographers about their experiences behind the camera.  It’s less how-to photograph families and more about why we all love photographing our kids and families.

The Art & Soul Show

If I had to give this show a theme, it would be light and airy.  There’s no in-your face attitudes or passive-aggressive rants here.  Just a simple, positive podcast that always leaves me feeling better than when I started listening to it.  Topics cover a broad range of issues facing a working photographer, but many of them center on families, newborns and other portrait photography work.  There are also several shows centered around fine-art photography.  If you want a positive, uplifting experience that leaves you calm and optimistic, give this show a try!

The Portrait System

If you’re a fan of Sue Bryce and her philosophies, you would enjoy this show.  It’s “powered by Sue Bryce Education,” even though it’s hosted by Nikki Closser.  This show is basically a series of case studies.  Closser interviews other photographers about their business, highs, lows and all the moments in between.  It’s very low key but full of inspiring interviews and some really great tips.

Shows About Gear, Tech and the Industry as a Whole

This Week in Photo (TWiP)

This Week in Photo is one of the longest running photo-centric shows in the industry.  I like listening to this show to keep on what’s happening in the photography world and creative world from a 25,000 foot perspective.  Episodes discuss topics like what’s going on with Adobe, editing in isolation, diversity in our work, hot to tell a digital story, etc..  This is macro-level stuff that is interesting and most times, inspirational, too.

PetaPixel Photography Podcast

This is a twice-weekly production that has a ton of episodes available.  There’s a show title for every episode, but there’s a ton of random content in every show.  Gear, software, street photography, when to upgrade your camera, why exposure doesn’t pay the bills…there’s a little bit of everything here.  

TOGCHAT with Joe Edelman

This is a podcast based on a popular YouTube show of the same name, hosted by Joe Edelman.  I’ve learned a ton about lighting and shooting flash through Joe’s videos and always enjoy the TOGCHAT episodes.  One of the most unique features is that because it’s based on a live Internet show, you have the opportunity to actually interact with Joe.  You can submit comments and questions via the YouTube show that Joe may answer as part of the episode.  Joe doesn’t bring on a lot of guests, instead relying on ideas and questions from working photographers to guide and direct the shows.  

Other shows:

Non-Photo Shows That You Might Still Love

Life with Amy & Jordan

Amy and Jordan Demos are another husband and wife shooting team who branched out into education.  If you are fans of their work and personalities, the show won’t disappoint.  Don’t listen to it hoping to learn their posing secrets, though.  This show is about all the other areas of their lives other than shooting sessions.  They talk about parenting, finances, and even how to fight fair.  Listen when you want to feel like you’re having coffee and getting advice from two 

The Mary Marantz Show

Mary and her husband Justin are wedding and portrait photographers that began incorporating education into their workflow years ago.  This show isn’t really about photography, but if you’re a fan of Mary’s work, you’ll love the show.  It’s inspiring, uplifting and positive.  

great friends!

Podcasts about Creativity

Enjoy Your Audio Ear Candy

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts photography-related and and otherwise eat up your bandwidth.  You can easily find something for your genre, personality, and goals. And don’t give up if you don’t love your first show or episode.  It takes a while to find shows that resonate with you.  If you hate The Candid Frame, try the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast instead. 

As photographers, we live in a very visual world. Try setting those visuals aside and enjoying one of these podcasts on photography with closed eyes and an open mind.  Unless you’re driving.  Then keep both eyes on the road and your hands at ten and two.

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