If you’ve recently contemplated adding boudoir shoots to your services, you’ve most likely realized that boudoir photography pricing can be challenging.

But don’t worry. Once you determine a few things, I promise you’ll figure out just what you need to price your boudoir sessions.

So let’s start with the average cost of a boudoir photographer. Depending on your area, the average cost of a boudoir photographer is likely around $100-$300 an hour.  


What should I consider when pricing a boudoir photo session?

The very first thing you should consider is your value. And spoiler alert, you’re worth it!

Okay, now that we’re on the same page about that *phew* here’s a few other questions you should ask yourself when pricing your boudoir sessions:

• What will be the boudoir experience?

• Will you include hair and makeup?

• Will the session be all inclusive or a la carte?

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The boudoir experience should start from when your potential client reaches out to you, up until the delivery of their gallery. You’ll want to include consultations, preparation, the actual photo session and post production time. We’ll want to consider every minute you’ll spend on your boudoir experience because remember, you’re worth it!

Hair and makeup is another cost to add into your pricing if you plan to offer this additional service. Look into local makeup artists in your area and ask them to provide a quote for their services. Don’t forget that you’ll have to coordinate with the makeup artist on their availability so you’ll need to account for that time too.

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All-inclusive or a la carte?

Determining if your session will be all inclusive or a la carte will depend on your post production process. Will you allow the client to select the photos they want or will you include a number of photos in the package they selected? If you want to have full control of the selecting and editing of images for example, then chances are you’ll have an overall session fee that will be all inclusive to the boudoir experience. 

Photographers aren’t always experts at knowing how to price their services, but you are, because you know you’re worth and it all starts there.

Once you determine the services you’ll roll out for your boudoir clients, you’ll be the talk around town and they won’t stop raving about their amazing experience with you!

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