So you’ve heard about Cole and Cole’s Classroom, and you want to make sure it’s legit. We understand you work hard for your money! So let’s get down to the details. You’ll also hear from real customers and see recent Cole’s Classroom reviews!

We get it. You want to find a resource to help forward your photography, and there are a million options. You want to avoid the scams, and you’re doing your research! So far, you’re a step ahead of the rest. So why is Cole’s Classroom, the best online education for photographers around the world? Because we GET YOU. We’ve been there. We’ve struggled and hit every roadblock imaginable, and we’re here to tell you that you’re going to face them too. BUT, we also know that you are going to get through them with hard work and dedication.

We are here to provide our collective knowledge, so you don’t have to waste the next ten years learning these lessons through trial and error! Through all of our training resources, we KNOW you have the ability to make photography a REAL career that can help support your family and bring you happiness along the way.

We help over 10,000 Photographers a MONTH Improve Their Photography AND Businesses

Our goal at Cole’s Classroom is to provide affordable training for new and seasoned photographers in all stages of business. We have a network of thousands of photographers from all corners of the world, and our goal is to empower everyone and allow them to see that they, too, can take photography to the next level. Our mission is to show people that they can be their own boss, have financial freedom all while doing what they love; taking fantastic photographs and connecting with clients with whom they can share their love and talent.

Is Cole’s Classroom a Scam?

No. Cole started Cole’s Classroom after a negative experience on a photography forum where he found the “pros” were total jerks to the newer photographers asking questions. That’s where Cole’s Classroom was born. His mission was to create a space where EVERYONE would be accepted, no matter their background or experience in photography.

Photography Training and Courses

Cole’s Classroom offers a wide range of video training that covers everything from photography technicals (about the exposure triangle, camera settings and what gear to research), all about photography techniques (like improving your composition and client experience), all the way to the fundamentals of marketing, advertising, getting “fully booked,” and how to deliver the best photos to keep your clients coming back for years. HOURS are spent each month ensuring that we cover the most effective ways to improve your art and to grow your business, so it becomes a sustainable form of income. We’re here to motivate and support you through your journey (whether you’re a hobbyist or full time professional).

Cole's Classroom Reviews

Awesome Free Cole’s Classroom Tutorials

Our team spends hours writing and covering any topics that can help you in your photography journey. We cover the basics of camera settings to impressing clients AFTER a portrait session or wedding, from aerial/drone photography to camera lenses on a budget.  Head to Cole’s Classroom “tutorial” page for the full list of FREE resources!

Cole's Classroom Tutorials

Seven Day a Week Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. We have a customer service team that is available to answer your questions seven days a week! Our goal is to make sure our members experience all of our resources to their full extent. If you have any customer service concerns, please contact us at [email protected]. We will do our best to answer your questions within 48 hours!

$1 Cole’s Classroom Trial

So let’s talk about Cole’s Classroom $1 trial offer to join Cole’s Classroom Pro (and precisely what’s included). First, we want to remind everyone that it is exactly what it’s called, a “trial.” After ten days, if you don’t cancel your account, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee of $49/month. During those ten days, you will be able to access ALL of our amazing resources on the Cole’s Classroom website and member’s Facebook group! So what exactly can you access for those first ten days, and after:

  • All of our video training from FULL courses, like the Fast Track Course that will get you off “Auto” mode and on to using “Manual” mode, all the way to 10-minute micro lessons on topics such as white balance, editing in Photoshop and Lightroom, or client appreciation gifts!
    Cole's Classroom Reviews
  • Our exclusive members Facebook group where you have direct access to our mentors who are located all over the world (including Cole himself, who is VERY active daily in the group). This is a place where you can ask ALL of your questions without fear of being judged or criticized. We have a strict policy of booting anyone who doesn’t follow our “kindness” policy. Our community builds each other up because these days, who doesn’t need a little sunshine in their lives? We are one of the few “safe” photography forums, with a range of novice photographers all the way to the pros.
  • “Course Pathways” in the Facebook group. Do you want to learn the basics of your camera and take better photos? We have it all laid out for you, training by training! Do you want to start a business? We have you covered with all of our amazing business resources! Do you want to get PAYING clients? We link our “Fully Booked Course,” along with all of our other specific instruction to get you making money with your photography!
  • “Backstage Pass” is probably one of the most amazing offers in Cole’s Classroom Pro as you are taken behind the scenes with one of our mentors to watch how they handle portrait sessions! You’ll see that there is NO perfect scenario!

Cole's Classroom Backstage Pass

  • Focus Groups. Our specialized focus groups allow you to brainstorm with other photographers about marketing techniques, running Facebook Ads, discussion about composition techniques and to overall discuss your chosen specialty.
  • Each month that you are a member of Cole’s Classroom Pro, you will get one FREE monthly download credit that will allow you to download templates for things such as welcome guides, logo templates that you can personalize, along with Lightroom presets, and SO much more!

Cole's Classroom Reviews

  • “Members Near Me” is a great place to find other photographers in your area! So many members have met in person and have found life long friends in the process. Doesn’t get better than real life connection!
  • LIVE “Ask Me Anything” Facebook chats! Every week, our mentors will either do a “live” video or written Facebook post (during all hours of the day/night), where members can ask any impromptu questions and get immediate answers!

Cole's Classroom Reviews

Mentoring Opportunities in Cole’s Classroom Pro

Cole’s Classroom Pro is unlike any other Facebook community because you have direct access to seasoned photographers who are down to earth and real. We all started just like you, so we understand the challenges that you’ll face starting your business in a new place, getting clients, and maintaining successful businesses. We’re here to answer ALL of your questions, and to encourage you when you hit those times in your journey where you need support. Our team consists of photographers living and working all over the world (and who specialize in different types of photography, from portraits and weddings, all the way to product photography).

Cole's Classroom Reviews

Our mission is to help and to show YOU that you CAN succeed in business. We want you to see your greatness because we KNOW it’s in you. Cole set out to help 10,000 photographers reach their goals, and has done just that! But we refuse to stop there. There is SO much untapped photography business in the world, and we are there to help you find it! The key to success is serving your clients in a way that is different from others, are that is what we are here to teach you!

Down to Earth and Real Facebook Group for New and Seasoned Photographers

The truth is, we are REAL people with real struggles that “get it.” We all live in saturated markets that can discourage us from moving forward. BUT, the strength that you find working with other photographers can help you push past all the challenges that you may face. Here’s the thing, you learn FAR more from working with other like-minded individuals than you will when you work alone and think that all other photographers are competition.

Cole's Classroom Reviews

Cole’s Classroom is essentially a mastermind group of photographers who aren’t intimidated by other’s successes (or failures). We aren’t phased by “competition” because we know that every person has something to offer their clients that is unique and extraordinary. There is room for all of us in this business, and we know this because we see success stories from our members EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Cole's Classroom Reviews

Unmatched Community Support and Positivity

Cole’s Classroom is a community that is built on positivity, support, and encouragement. There is NO room for negativity because we know that negativity isn’t going to bring anything good/positive to you or your business. Instead, we spend our energy supporting one another and finding solutions rather than complaining about what’s NOT working. We are here to stand behind you and let you know that success is possible, but that it’s going to take hard work and persistence. We aren’t going to lie and say it’s easy, because we can’t do the work for you. But what we CAN do, is provide the best resources on the market, and push you along the way.

Testimonials: Cole’s Classroom Reviews from REAL members!

Cole's Classroom Reviews

I love all of the training and videos we receive. The Facebook group is priceless! If I had to tell a friend (which I have), I’d say how supportive and helpful this community is and I wouldn’t have come so far so quickly if I hadn’t done the trial and decided I needed to learn more if I wanted to be successful. The mentors here truly care about you and WANT you to learn. They WANT you to grow. And all of the things we get with our membership are incredibly valuable. From Hey Ned to monthly perks, to free product credits and specials on items that would normally be out of price range for those on a budget…it’s all so worth it.

The investment I’ve made has helped me to become a PROFESSIONAL photographer, and I’ve learned so so much. I cannot put a price on the value of Coles classroom. I’ve found a new level up of my worth as a photographer and as a professional, and I owe much of that to my CC Pro membership.” -Ashley, Cole’s Classroom Pro Member

Cole's Classroom Reviews

“When I started my trial, my first thought was that I was amazed that there was a group of photographers that weren’t tearing each other down with their CC. I love that I’ve been able to feel comfortable posting my work even when I was first starting. After that, I was amazed at the fact that there was SO much material! And it just keeps coming. There’s always more. The mentors are always available and answering questions. I love that it keeps me motivated and holds me accountable!” -Angela, Cole’s Classroom Pro Member.

Cole's Classroom Reviews

“That it is an awesome family of photographers that WANT to see each other succeed and are willing to help and give them advice. I love that the mentors are “real” people keep it real with us. I love that the videos in the training vault are realistic and real life and incredibly helpful. Also that I have learned more in my almost year here than I have learned in years on my own!”       -Heidi, Cole’s Classroom Pro Member.

Is Cole’s Classroom Legit?

Well, hopefully, you see that Cole’s Classroom is legit as it gets. The fact is when you build a team of people who LOVE what they are doing, the evidence is in the work. Come check us out and get to know us yourself!

Get in Touch!

If you have any trouble understanding or accessing our member’s site, please feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] You can also find us on our “Live Chat” feature on the main page of the Cole’s Classroom website!

Here’s a walkthrough of the membership perks of Cole’s Classroom! We can’t wait to see you there!

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