Another month of hard work (and some fun too!) over in the Cole’s Clique Elite Private Facebook group and that means another Cole’s Clique “Elite Member Spotlight” is upon us.  I’ve watched Jess Turner interact inside the group since the beginning in February and it has been so much fun to see how much her work has progressed since then!
Not only is her work gorgeous but I love her drive for constant improvement.  Congrats Jess!  Keep up the good work and enjoy your $50 Amazon Gift Card 🙂
Now lets hear from Jess:
How long have you been a Cole’s Clique elite member?
I have been a member of Cole’s Clique since the beginning, I think it was February??
What skills have you improved on the most since joining the Clique?
What skills have you improved on the most since joining the Clique?  Since joining the clique, I have really improved my knowledge of Lightroom and it’s capabilities, learning how to really start utilizing the program.  Also, just overall photo improvement and confidence from constant critique and discussions in the clique.
What is your favorite aspect of being a Clique member?
The best part about being a part of this group is the unselfish and total support between members.  Everyone is rooting for everyone, no matter the level.  The feedback and critique is honest and real but done is a manner that is helpful.  The group is full of experience, and it is fun to be able to take part in those experiences.
What is your favorite subject to photograph?
Couples in love
What do you want your viewers to take away from your photography work?
I want viewers to be able to get true and genuine emotions from my work.
If you had the opportunity to travel the world and could only bring one lens which lens would you choose?
My – Canon 50mm f/1.4.
What inspires you?
Light.  I love light, especially glowing gorgeous back light. I love to see how light falls on certain things.  I will walk around in search of that small sliver of light leaking through the trees to get a glow on someone’s hair.
Where can we see more of your work?
You can view more of my work on Facebook :  J Turner Fine Art, and Instagram:  @JTurnerFineArt

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