Another month of hard work (and some fun too!) over in the Cole’s Clique Elite Private Facebook group and that means another Cole’s Clique “Elite Member Spotlight” is upon us.  Since the very beginning Lacey has been contributing to the group in both asking for help and more important, providing help to all the other clique-mates 🙂
Congrats Lacey! Keep up the good work and enjoy your $50 Amazon Gift Card 🙂
How long have you been in the clique?
I have been a member of Cole’s Clique since January 2016!
What skills have you improved on the most since joining the Clique? 
My editing skills are definitely the area where I have seen the most growth since joining the Clique! I would say though that improving my abilities and confidence in post production was my first goal in joining, so it’s been an intentional journey that has not disappointed! I have several items on my list for the next 6 months… 😉
What is your favorite aspect of being a Clique member? 
My favorite aspect of being a Clique member is by far the “family” community within the private Facebook group. I have never been part of such an encouraging, engaging community online before, and it’s extra special that it centers around one of my favorite topics every- photography! 🙂 Seriously though, it is a very uplifting and empowering place.
What is your favorite subject to photograph? 
Oh man, this is a tough question. It’s people hands down, but to choose between a romatic-y in-love engagement session/wedding, or a pregnant momma-to-be, or a precious baby or child, that’s so hard! I think the answer really is that my favorite subject to photograph is someone with joy in their heart that is shining out their face, whoever they might be and whatever that joy is from. You know it is so much fun to try to capture that joy in a personal way for them!
What do you want your viewers to take away from your photography work? 
I hope that my viewers can put themselves in the photo and image being in person in the moment, seeing the beauty with their own eyes, sensing the environment that they are seeing in the photo. It’s what makes photography a beautiful thing… the imagination can sore within a single image.
If you had the opportunity to travel the world and could only bring one lens which lens would you choose? 
I’ve contemplated this question before, and gone back and forth, but ultimately I think it would have to be my 50 mm (the 1.2, when I have it later this year… 😉 )
What inspires you? 
I’m going to tweak the question to ask what inspires me MOST, because a lot of different things inspire me depending on the situation. But the thing that inspires me most is people. I love hearing people’s stories, why they do what they do; what they have been through and over come; what they have learned… I always gain a new fire to work harder and be better, as a photographer, and as a wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend!
Where can we see more of your work? 
My Facebook page and website:

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