Another month of hard work (and some fun too!) over in the Cole’s Clique Elite Private Facebook group and that means another Cole’s Clique “Elite Member Spotlight” is upon us.  Since the very beginning Ryan Jakubowski has been a huge asset in our community and not to mention, his work is pretty awesome too!!
Congrats Ryan! Keep up the good work and enjoy your $50 Amazon Gift Card 🙂
Now lets hear from Ryan:
How long have you been a Cole’s Clique elite member?
I have been a member of Cole’s Clique since the beginning, Feb 14th 🙂
What skills have you improved on the most since joining the Clique?
Since being a member of the Clique I have greatly improved on a number of different skills. First off, my posing ideas. With all of the different Webinars and ideas that other members have posted throughout the months, I am no longer afraid of posing and I’m able to look outside the box and come up with new ones. Secondly, my editing; all around my techniques and balance of what I am editing and how I edit it has come a long way. By using the presets, I have drastically cut down on my time for editing and have been able to make my pictures pop even more then before! It has taken me to the next level and has my pictures getting noticed even more. Lastly, I would say my lighting has also improved a great amount. Taking the classes online and getting the CC from members has allowed me to work in a number of different areas of light and helped cut down on a very challenging part of editing.
What is your favorite aspect of being a Clique member?
My favorite part of being a Coles Clique member is what the whole group stands for! Its amazing to be able to post your pictures and get some of the best critique back from people who know exactly what your looking to get critiqued on. Everyone is here to help each other be more successful and the relationships I have formed in this group are ones I will never forget. Even though I have not met anyone in person, I am very happy to call them my friends. The support of the group is what makes the clique the best group ever.
What is your favorite subject to photograph?
My favorite subject to photograph is definitely nature! As much as I enjoy photographing weddings and senior pictures, nature has always been a passion of mine. I went to school for Meteorology originally and then decided to go into photography but still keep my love of weather involved. Within nature also falls all the aspects of it and that is landscapes and abandoned places. Places that have been weathered away by nature and landscapes that are worth a thousand words with all of the sunsets and colors they produce.
What do you want your viewers to take away from your photography work?
I would like viewers to take away from my photographs the story that is behind each and every one. When I pack up my bag and walk out the door to go on a shoot or just start to drive somewhere and see what I find it starts a story. Whether it is the story behind the couple I am shooting, or how I stood out in the rain for hours at 2:00am to capture the most amazing lightning shot of my career when the bolt hit our local news tower, I want everyone to know about it. That is what I love most about photography is that there is always a different story to tell about every shot.
If you had the opportunity to travel the world and could only bring one lens which lens would you choose? This is definitely a hard one because there are so many different reasons for each, but I would have to say my Nikon 85mm lens. If I was able to travel anywhere it would be somewhere where there is a lot of architecture and scenery. The 85mm lens has been awesome to show the quality and bokeh of my photographs and being smaller in size but so powerful, that’s why I would choose the 85mm.
What inspires you?
What inspires me is the very thing that I want people to take away from my work, the story behind the photograph. I am the kind of person who is interested in so many different types of things, whether it is the history of a building, the power of the force of nature, or the romantic story of how a bride got proposed to by her groom. For me, being able to take a picture of something and develop it is my way of telling my life story. It shows people the places I have been, the people I have met, and the passions and interests that make me who I am. In the end everyone wants to be remembered for something, so for me being able to give someone a great story along with that picture makes it all worth while.

Where can we see more of your work?
My website is
Facebook page is

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