We’ve gathered together our best photography tutorials in one location!

Are you overwhelmed with learning photography?  There are so many awesome resources, it’s hard to know where to start.  Or what to learn next.  Or maybe you start learning one skill only to get sidetracked by a separate lesson and you fall down a rabbit hole so deep, you forgot what it was you were investigating photography tutorials to learn in the first place?

No worries.  Not only do we have some awesome advice, we’ve rounded up some of the best photography tutorials by the writers here at Cole’s Classroom in a single place.  Best of all, they’re free! Use this page as a place to get started learning new skills, mastering old skills or just exploring the many different genres of photography out there!

Best camera tutorials

First of all, you need to know your camera.  So let’s start by with the basics.  Start getting to know your camera, what the buttons do and some of it’s basic functions with these photography tutorials.

Best photography tutorialsBest composition tutorials

After learning a little more about your camera, it’s time to master composition.  Great composition turns a snapshot into a work of art.  Learn the fundamentals of our craft here! From smartphones to full-frame cameras, composition “rules” apply no matter your equipment or skill level!  Here are five of our best photography tutorials on composition.

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Best lighting tutorials

Next up, lighting tutorials.  Great photography hinges on finding great light.  Learn how to light your subjects in different ways.  And learn how to conquer different types of light…low light, for instance.  Create different effects or control light to achieve your style.  Our best photography tutorials on lighting are now all in one place!

Best Flash tutorials

At some point in time, you’ll need to know how to use flash.  Certainly, learning on and off-camera flash techniques can be intimidating.  But just because it’s a little scary doesn’t mean you can’t master flash lighting.  This group of tutorials will introduce you to your flash (what the heck is a flash zoom anyway?), how to use it on camera and how to get started using your flash off-camera too!  Here are our best flash photography tutorials to get you started mastering the use of flash.

Best exposure triangle tutorials

Aperture (f-stop), shutter speed and ISO make up what photographer’s call the exposure triangle.  Changing one will affect how your photo looks.  There are many different combinations of settings you can use to achieve a proper exposureLearn how they all work together to create an exposure!

Best manual tutorials

Almost all professional photographers shoot in manual mode.  You decide shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focal points, depth-of-field and more.  As a result, manual mode gives you the most, and best, control of your images.  Read these noteworthy tutorials and see why it’s probably the most important skill you can master!

That being said, there might be a time when you want to get out of manual mode and use a pre-programmed mode.  Check out this tutorial!

Best portrait photography tutorials

You’ve mastered your camera, composition, and shooting in manual.  Now it’s time to focus on the subject.  Here are some of our favorite portrait photography tutorials.

best photography tutorials - weddings

Best wedding photography tutorials

If it’s wedding photography tutorials you’re after, it’s wedding photography tutorials we’ve got. It can be scary jumping into the world of weddings.  But remember that every wedding photographer that ever was started knowing exactly nothing.  That’s not to say you can’t learn how to be an amazing wedding photographer, though.

If you’re new to photography, don’t jump right in with these wedding tutorials first.  Start at the top of the page and master your camera, composition and portraits first.  After you feel comfortable with clients and posing, then you’re ready to think about shooting weddings.  Learn what wedding photography gear our pros carry.  Or see how to shoot amazing wedding reception details!  And finally, master nighttime wedding shots!

Best maternity and newborn photography tutorials

First comes wedding photography, then comes maternity photography!  If catering to mommas-to-be or newborn babies even more than weddings, we have you covered.  Check out these tips from our pros!

best nature photography tutorials

Best nature, wildlife and landscape photography tutorials

Finally, we have our nature-themed tutorials.  Not all photographers want to shoot pictures of people.  Some do their best work with the wind in their hair and the sun at their backs.  Here’s our favorite photography tutorials for nature, wildlife and landscape lovers!

There are many reasons you should bookmark this page of awesome photography tutorials to come back to!  The next time you’re stuck on a problem, want to grow your skills or decide to explore a different genre you know where to come.  The industry changes, too, therefore you’ll need to learn new techniques to keep your skills current, too.  Above all, it can be fun to see practical advice from other professional photographers.  Challenge yourself and even more, have fun exploring this awesome creative outlet!

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