Creating a stunning photo backdrop is a lot easier than you think, and you probably have all the materials you need. With a little creative thinking, you can create a DIY backdrop that shines no matter what the occasion. Take a few tips from this list of backdrop photo ideas.


Tissue is highly versatile. Repurpose this material to do something amazing and then recycle the clippings for brand new backdrop photo ideas.

  • Make simple tissue paper flowers and hang them. 
  • Create tissue paper garlands to hang in long streams. 
  • Glue pieces of tissue in ombre patterns for a bold statement.


Whether it’s large pieces or scraps, you can instantly transform your photographs with DIY fabric backgrounds.

You can tape fabric to the wall and floor for solid (or patterned) DIY photo backdrops. Try hanging canvas or muslin for interesting texture. Got a fun tablecloth? Tape it up for an impromptu backdrop.

Recycle fabric strips into an exciting background by taping them to walls or stringing them together. You can also mix fabric and ribbon for a pop of color. For example, tulle creates a mystical backdrop and helps hide wires for twinkle lights.

Don’t have fabric? Borrow your favorite bedsheet! Try hanging fabric streamers from the ceiling for depth. Finally, you can layer fabric over a chair to provide a simple photography seat.

different colored fabric


Paper is an accessible medium to work with, allowing you to create things like flowers, shapes, or simple patterns. You can DIY elaborate DIY photo backdrops and DIY photo booths using nothing more than simple tape.

Make giant paper flowers and attach them to fabric for depth, texture, and color. Cut simple circles of different sizes and tape them up for visual interest. Consider wrapping paper, it’s an easy way to create a portrait shot background

Simple paper chains hung from the ceiling or laying on the floor are a fun option. You can also cut out craft paper triangles to make a layered effect or make a fun paper daisy for a pop of lighthearted fun.

If anything fails, you can also fold fans for repeated texture or scatter them for a casual effect.

Use Your Own Materials

Sometimes, your collections can help make unique backdrop photo ideas. Take a look at things you have around your home.

Build a record wall using either records themselves or the colorful record sleeves. Collect dried flowers? Hang them up for a vintage appear. Or you can also take book pages from books you don’t read anymore or stack books behind your subject.

Sticky notes can be one of the most versatile objects. You can arrange, write, and make your way to unique DIY photo backdrops. Try putting those polaroids to work.

Repurpose a simple chalkboard to write a message or make a picture. Take your work of art and use it as a focal point for the background. Find a pegboard, either alone for texture or filled with props for depth.

Finally, you can gather souvenirs like prayer flags, Cinco de Mayo fringe, or others for a worldly design.

Repeating Objects

Sometimes, simple repeating objects in different colors or monochrome create dramatic DIY photo backdrops. Here are a few ideas.

Try a balloon wall: Blow up balloons of the same color for a minimal look or different colors for a fun pattern and tape to the wall.

You can also repurpose chains by attaching hooks to the ceiling or the walls and give your photos an unexpected twist. Or take advantage of the patterns and textures of plates by hanging plate hangers on the wall.

Gather a collection of yarn balls for a craft-inspired backdrop. Use paper or a chalkboard to write your favorite song lyrics or something to help you remember the occasion. Make paint stroke words on your fabric backdrop.

Finally, you can recycle newspapers for paper flowers, overlapping DIY photo backdrops, or other visual points

balloons on grey backdrop

Add Sparkle

Sparkle is a fun photoshoot background to work within DIY backdrop ideas, allowing you to make a magical DIY photo world for your occasion.

Sequins are a stunning addition to your DIY photo backdrops or photo booth. Gold sequin DIY photo backdrops are both classy and dramatic. Simple, crinkled tin foil transforms a photo into a minimalist, yet modern scene.

Simple glittery tinsel helps the light bounce off for an ultra-dramatic background. You could also repurpose solid plastic with gold spray paint for a portrait shot or in a blocked square to bring your subject to life.

Play with texture and sparkle using gold balloons taped to white bricks. Gold ink text on black paper provides the tiniest bit of sparkle without overwhelming the picture.

You can also use fairy lights for the ultimate in magical sparkle. 

Use Nature

Nature is a gold mine for DIY s. It’s an affordable and easy way to build DIY photo backdrops at the last minute.

  • Take beautiful fall leaves and tape them in repeated patterns for an autumn backdrop.
  • Simple green vines are a natural, mother earth vibe for casual photos.
  • Gather crafter’s moss or harvest your own for interesting visuals
  • The plants you have outside or in your home offer instant interest.
  • Flowers and moss give a gentle look for the design of your DIY photo booth backdrop.
  • If you have access to hedges, a green hedge wall is a dramatic, yet easy photography backdrop.
  • A massive white flower wall is something both dramatic yet formal.
  • Wood from tree trunks or reclaimed woods can provide a masculine photoshoot backdrop option without much fuss.

Go For The Holiday

Remember your holiday memories by using holiday props like a professional to create amazing backdrops.

  • Red, white, and blue balloons on a white wall are patriotic, while red balloons on a white wall are perfect for Valentine’s backdrops.
  • Christmas wreaths, holiday lights, and evergreens create a warm Christmas vibe for your photo booth backdrop.
  • Use black streamers with a dark flower backdrop for photo shoots with a spooky Halloween theme.
  • Cotton clouds and flowers can help celebrate Easter or the beginning of spring.
christmas wreath

How Do I Set Up My Photo Background?

Clear out space in your room or photography studio so you can work with your backdrops. Tape a piece of fabric from the ceiling to the floor with a gentle curve to cut down on shadows. Be sure you leave plenty of space to get the photo without the edge making an appearance.

Utilize tape, pins, glue, or other fasteners to begin building your photo backdrop or photo booth. Check through your camera as you go to help fill in gaps and keep things balanced. Before you know it, you’ll have created a whole photo world just for your occasion with these backdrops.

Creating DIY Backdrops From What You Have

It’s easier than you think to create DIY backdrop ideas that people will love. Make do with what you have on hand or gather supplies from nature or friends to create amazing backdrops. Keep your creative brain on as you go about your day, and you could see potential for creating your backdrops in just about anything.

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