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A couple months ago I posted a question on the Cole’s Classroom Facebook group asking what is the one area within newborn photography that people struggle with the most.  Nearly all the responses were related to the photo editing process taking forever.

Not a huge surprise…  Many told me that hours would be spent fine tuning each and every newborn photo within Photoshop.

The problem with spending so much time editing photos is, that extra time spent is drastically cutting into your profits and your hourly rate…and I want you to make as much money as possible.

So I set out on a mission to help out the masses of newborn photographers who were struggling with how to edit newborn photos in Lightroom and not spend hours on end retouching each photo in Photoshop.

The good news?  I got a great solution and a video demo to prove it!

After having numerous photographers send in sample newborn photos that I could use to test with the Essential Newborn Lightroom Presets were created.  The Newborn Lightroom Presets are the perfect photo editing solution to compliment our online Newborn Photography Workshop which is why they are included 100% free within the workshop.

A hypothetical question for you: What would you do with the extra time you’d have on your hands if you could edit an entire newborn session in less than 1 hour?

For some of you, that might sound crazy and totally unattainable…but I think it is.  In fact, I just did a single sample photo edit with full retouching in only 65 seconds!

Keep reading, or even skip to the bottom to watch the video, and watch me as I show you how to edit newborn photos in Lightroom in 65 seconds or less!

How to Edit Newborn Photos in Lightroom_0001

Look below to see the original photo and what steps I took to come up with my final complete photo edit it in Lightroom.

Step 1 – Apply a Preset in Lightroom

Note, “Springtime Baby Brighter” from the Essential Newborn Lightroom Presets Collection was used in which the presets are designed to instantly clear up some skin blemishes and make your photo retouching easier.  See this step in the video demo below.

Step 2 – Perform All Needed Retouching

How to Remove Objects in Lightroom
How to retouch Newborn Photos in Lightroom

For this newborn photo edit, I used the Lightroom Spot Removal tool to replace the missing blanket in the upper right corner using the heal brush, then removed the circular skin blemishes on the face.  Once done with the blanket and the skin blemishes, I used the Cole’s Skin Soften adjustment brush to smooth the skin to give a nice creamy newborn skin tone and also the Red Skin Removal adjustment brush to slightly remove some of the redness on the face.

Retouching Newborn Photos in Lightroom - Red Skin Removal Overlay

Once you’ve selected your adjustment brush for both softening the skin and also removing any redness – hit “O” on your keyboard to bring up the overlay showing you where you are adjusting to ensure you aren’t adjusting any areas that you shouldn’t be.

How to Edit Newborn Photos in Lightroom_0002

…and here is my final image after 65 seconds of editing within Lightroom!

How to retouch Newborn Photos in Lightroom

My favorite thing to do once complete with an edit is to see a quick before and after of the photo 🙂

To see the video version to see Retouching Newborn Photos in Lightroom in 65 Seconds!


If you would like to simplify your life and speed up your newborn photo editing workflow by using my presets you can do so by seeing more details & purchasing them right here OR you can get them for 100% free within the online Newborn Photography Workshop!  Click the banner below for more details with the workshop and to see how this 24/7 lifetime access premium training can help you and your business.

As always, if you have any questions, I am just an email away…talk soon!

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