Packing a Punch — Tips for Maximizing Your Time and Productivity with Laylee Emadi.


Episode 13: Show Notes.

Productivity and scheduling are two areas of any creative business that go hand in hand! Without a finely attuned approach to these areas of work, we might all end up on the couch all day and never get out of our pajamas! Laylee Emadi, our guest today, has loads of personal experience with overcoming the distractions we encounter all day, every day, and she is here to share some of that wisdom with all of our listeners. Laylee is a teacher turned full-time photographer and is on a mission to help other photographers with all the tools they need to take their businesses to the next level! We talk about how refining her scheduling system ensured that her productivity levels soared higher than ever before and prevented looming burnout. We then dive into her regular, weekly routine and how she lays it out. Laylee gives us three, simple, actionable steps that you can implement immediately to improve your productivity and workflow, so make sure to stay tuned for that at the end of the episode!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Laylee’s path to photography, starting out as a full-time teacher and dance instructor. 
  • What Laylee’s days looked like before she got serious about scheduling. 
  • Scheduling in weekly chunks; why Laylee prefers this as her unit of measure. 
  • How Laylee maps out each week with time for everything to get done.  
  • The importance of continual professional development and making time for learning. 
  • The tools and apps that help Laylee stay on track with her schedule. 
  • Avoiding burnout and how Laylee stays on top of all her work!
  • Laylee’s three actionable steps; write it out, batch it, and track and assign it!
  • The power of tracking your time and noting where and when you get distracted.
  • Where to find and connect with Laylee online!  


“Unlike most people who have like a side gig, I really didn’t ever intend on turning photography into my full-time career path.” — Laylee Emadi [0:02:18]

“When I went full-time and I had no boundaries in place, I was just kind of floundering and like, really unproductive, really frustrated, burning myself out just because the hours dragged on.” — Laylee Emadi [0:04:19]

“As photographers, as any kind of creative entrepreneur who has an art-based business, you really have to work on like developing your craft over time and developing your business over time.” — Laylee Emadi [0:07:55]

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