Branding Photography: How One Photographers Discovered Her Passion and Found Confidence with Meg Marie.

Episode 14: Show Notes.

There are many routes that you can take for a career in photography, and one of the really great ones we don’t hear enough about is branding shoots. Here to talk about how her passion for taking pictures developed into a great career in branding photography is Meg Marie! After discovering her love of capturing portraits while living in Asia, Meg came home to the US to pursue this career and was fully committed to finding success in her new field. This meant learning about the business side of things and a lot of research and skills development. After starting out in wedding photography, an occupation she loved, she started to build up a reputation for her branding shoots and made the decision to pursue that full-time. Meg has experienced loads of success with her work in this area and has so much wisdom to share with anyone aspiring to a similar path. She talks about what it means to help new clients discover their brand and how she brings confidence to her shoots in order to help the people she is working for! Meg underlines the importance of great communication and shares how this plays out before, during and after a session. We talk about some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your subjects, easy ways to improve your photos and how to get your clients really excited about working with you and referring you to the next person. Tune in to get it all!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Meg discovered her passion for photography while living abroad. 
  • Meg’s learning curve for running a business and making her passion successful. 
  • The fears that Meg overcame; being the face of the business and diving in!  
  • How to be more comfortable in front of the camera and bringing your own energy to a shoot. 
  • Meg’s entry-point into branding sessions and finding the perfect fit for her talents.
  • Branching out and finding new clients on top of the referrals that came in. 
  • Meg’s tips for starting out in branding sessions and working with new clients.
  • The power of renting beautiful spaces for branding shoots. 
  • Bringing your own confidence to a shoot and how this affects clients too. 
  • Putting ego aside and keeping in mind the needs of the client above all else. 
  • The decision to step away from wedding photography, something that Meg absolutely loved! 
  • Meg’s recommendations for first steps in testing the waters of brand photography. 
  • The Facebook Community that Meg created, The Brand Photographer Tribe!  

Notable Moments:

“I was at a place in my life where I was feeling a little bit lost and frustrated because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I knew there was like something more out there for me and was really important to find the work that I really loved but I didn’t know what that was.” — Meg Marie [0:01:38]

“One of the reasons my first business failed is because I was really passionate about my work, I was a personal training and a yoga teacher and my clients loved me, I got great results but I didn’t know the business side of how to run a business.” — Meg Marie [0:04:34]

“We’re creatives, we don’t get into this work because we know numbers and sales and how to run a business. It’s just a really important part.” — Meg Marie [0:05:35]

“How I really built my confidence from my lowest point now is just a lot of little baby steps just taking action when I didn’t feel ready.” — Meg Marie [0:07:16]

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