Find Your Frosting — Stand Out in a Saturated Photography Market.


Episode 15: Show Notes.

Everyone has something unique to them—a specific area in which they shine and where most of their positive feedback comes from. Whether it be communication with clients, a specific editing technique, or the way you thank them after the shoot, it is about identifying your strength as a photographer and doubling down on it! This is what our guest today, Terri Baskin, refers to when she talks about finding your frosting. Terri is a photographer and educator who has succeeded in creating a unique experience for her clients. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. She talks about comparing herself to others when she just started her business and how she finally found her groove when she gave up trying to mimic others and focused instead on crafting the business she wanted. Terri shares how referrals became the backbone of her business and why she is so adamant about working only with ideal clients, and she offers expert advice on how you too can find that one thing that makes you stand out in a saturated market. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The difficulty of standing out when there are so many photographers out there. 
  • Terri talks about her father being a wedding photographer and growing up in the industry. 
  • Finishing grad school and turning what was once a hobby into a full-time career. 
  • Witnessing the evolution of photography from shooting with film to the rise of digital. 
  • Insights into Terri’s attention-grabbing presentation title “What is Your Frosting?”. 
  • Learning that you do not have to be exactly the same as the person you are learning from.
  • The importance of finding and implementing something that is entirely unique to you. 
  • Hear what sets Terri apart from other photographers and got clients talking about her. 
  • The value of referrals in getting more of your ideal clients. 
  • Having the courage to recognize and speak up when a client is not a good fit for you. 
  • Why trying to mimic the work of your competitors will never deliver the same results. 
  • Identifying your strengths and other advice for finding your frosting in photography. 

Notable Moments:

“I found my frosting when I accepted the fact that I didn’t have to be exactly like whoever it is I was learning from.” — @territakespix [0:06:18]

“It was just me really taking care of them, making sure they had an amazing client experience with me, and I think that goes back to the workflow I have in place. Making sure that each and every client felt special and felt like they were my only client even though they weren’t.” — @territakespix [0:09:11]

“I just gave myself permission to not do something the way someone else did and I think that is probably where I saw the most growth in my business is when I just really started being myself.” — @territakespix [0:12:49] 

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