Authenticity is Key: How to Inspire Your Followers with Natural Photos with Kate Parker.


Episode 16: Show Notes.

So much of what we see on social media is fake and makes people feel inferior. It is so important to have images in circulation that deliver a different narrative. Today’s guest is Kate Parker, New York Times bestselling author of Strong Is the New Pretty and The Heart of a Boy. Kate’s work is real, raw, and tries to capture girls and boys as they really are, doing what they love, in a manner that doesn’t look posed. Our conversation with Kate is all about how she got started in photography, how she came up with the idea for Strong Is the New Pretty, and what goes into making her non-stereotypical images. Kate starts by telling us about how her 

  • Kates’s ambition to capture realness in her photographs so people can recognize themselves.
  • How Kate’s work combats superficiality on social media which causes feelings of inferiority.
  • The value of emulating powerful women rather than buying into superficial beauty norms.
  • Finding different images of strength and Kate’s process growing her project for the book.
  • Worries of teasing and the positive impact Kate’s book has had on her daughter’s life.
  • Kate’s process of shooting her subjects and how she captures them engaged in their passion.
  • Insight into all the different lives of her subjects that Kate feels privileged to have.
  • Breaking boyish stereotypes and why Kate decided to make The Heart of a Boy.
  • Kate’s advice for someone that wants to capture real-life moments as she does.
  • New projects of Kate’s and what to expect from her new book, Play Like a Girl.

Notable Moments:

“We need to celebrate our girls for who they are.” — @ktparkerphoto [0:03:44]

“If she is a wrestler or she is an artist or she is a singer, those are girls you want to emulate.” — @ktparkerphoto [0:06:59]

“I get these amazing insights into people and things and places that I would never get to see.” — @ktparkerphoto [0:12:16]

“Not all girls are soft and pretty and compliant and not all boys are strong and aggressive and tough.” — @ktparkerphoto [0:14:00]

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