Pinterest for Photographers — Using Pinterest to Attract More Dream Clients on Google with Anna Bennett.


Episode 02: Show Notes.

Did you know that using Pinterest can help your business rank on the first page of a Google search? Pinterest is a powerful, unique, and often overlooked tool for digital marketing, and we are joined today by Anna Bennett, Pinterest expert and founder of White Glove Social Media, to learn more about it. Anna has a history in retail fashion and marketing, and when she sold her day spa several years ago, she was left to choose between kicking her feet back and retiring or finding her life’s next purpose. She decided to take a course on social media strategy, mastered the science of Pinterest, and since then has since gained huge credibility in that space. Today Anna talks about how Pinterest works and differs from other social media platforms, and how to use it as a way of expanding your online presence. Pinterest is more search engine than social media platform, so its popular images are easily found by Google. This means that if you get high Pinterest traffic, you’ll rank highly in a Google search too. Anna talks about a few ideal Pinterest strategies and weighs them up against those of more conventional social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She talks about how people plan their dream lives on Pinterest and shares some ways for photographers and bloggers to tap into this. One essential technique she mentions any business using Pinterest should adopt is seeking to create content that is helpful to a person that is searching for it. Anna also shares some amazing motivation and free resources that can help you up your Pinterest game and life in no time today, so make sure you catch this one!


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Key Points From This Episode:

•    How Pinterest traffic beats Facebook traffic and can help with SEO too.

•    Time frames for how long it takes Anna to boost Pinterest traffic by 500+% for clients.

•    How much being high on a Google search can expand a photographer’s client base.

•    Reasons for the SEO capabilities of Pinterest: it’s a search engine used for shopping.

•    Marketing on Pinterest vs Facebook/Instagram: a silent versus social marketing UI.

•    How to use Pinterest strategically as a marketing platform using images.

•    Positioning your Pinterest images within a target audience member’s dreams.

•    Getting discovered by creating helpful content.

•    How to curate your Pinterest profile with thematic content as if it was a store.

•    A good Pinterest strategy: pinpointing struggles, finding graphics, and injecting keywords.

•    The business of Pinterest and hiring talent to take care of it if you can’t.

•    Using Anna’s free course as an introduction to learning how to use Pinterest for business.

•    Investing in yourself and realizing that success comes down to hard work.

Notable Quotes:

“People on Pinterest, in a really horrible time that we’re going through right now, they are planning and shopping on there more than ever before.” — Anna Bennett [0:07:15]

“Pinterest can always beat Facebook and Instagram for sure in traffic if you manage it correctly.” — Anna Bennett [0:08:21]

“You cannot plan your dream life on any other platforms but Pinterest.” — Anna Bennett [0:11:53]

“If every photographer had a physical store, what would that store look like that represented your business? That is what it should look like on Pinterest.” — Anna Bennett [0:22:39]

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