Marketing That Works – Using Facebook Ads for Profit with Chip Dizárd.

Episode 21: Show Notes.

Figuring out Facebook ads can be overwhelming, but joining us to shed some light on the topic is photographer, videographer, and Facebook ads guru Chip Dizárd. Chip has a longstanding career in photography and first decided to fine-tune his social media marketing skills when he wanted to reach a market beyond just the group of people he knew. In this episode, he advises listeners on getting started with Facebook ads, walking them through every step, from identifying your target audience to knowing where they like to shop and hang out. Because, for Chip, you want to create a warm audience and nurture people rather than trying to cold sell, and to do this, you will need a bit of patience and understand that you do not convert clients with a single ad. It often takes a series of ads and other strategies to finally get them to book with you. Tuning in, listeners will also learn incredible tips for getting testimonials and reviews that no prospect can deny and how to budget to avoid overspending on campaigns. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Our guest talks about the journey from first getting into photography to where he is today. 
  • Why Chip chose Facebook ads to tap into a market beyond his circle of friends and family. 
  • How Chip goes about identifying and getting information about his selected target market. 
  • Facebook and Instagram’s feature that helps you see what and how others are advertising. 
  • Advice for getting to know your clients so that you avoid cold marketing. 
  • Using former client reviews to build your social proof and get work wherever you are. 
  • The importance of leveraging video for testimonials now, in the pandemic, and beyond. 
  • Learn what else photographers can do to improve their efforts with Facebook ads. 
  • Considering the number of places you want to send people and what you want them to do.
  • Understanding that you will need to nurture your audience for some time before they book. 
  • When you might think about running Facebook ads and how you should budget for it. 


“The first thing is, you want to do your research. The second thing is after you do your research, you want to evaluate just where you are and what you have, what you have to offer, and look at other people and what they are offering.” — @chipdizard [0:05:27]

“I really want people to focus on getting testimonials, using proof of concept, then we’re going to put that into our Facebook marketing mix.” — @chipdizard [0:08:39]

“Someone is not going to make a decision on one ad. They are going to make a decision after a lot more stuff. Now you can get lucky, as I said, but 90% of the time the small ticket items I would do those either monthly but the bigger ticket items I will do those quarterly.” — @chipdizard [0:18:44] 

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