Hacking The Algorithm with Facebook Groups.


Episode 23: Show Notes.

One of the things our guest today learned very early on was the power of social media and how it’s not just about uploading nice content and hoping people see it and engage with it. In fact, there is an actual strategy and specific steps you need to take to really make it work and to help you grow your business. Today we are joined by Cyrissa Carlson from Sparkle Society. Cyrissa is a photographer and educator, who offers coaching for ambitious entrepreneurs. She uses Facebook Groups to connect with her clients on a more personal level and to make meaningful connections. Join us as we dive into an insightful conversation where Cyrissa shares about her journey into the photography business and why she believes Facebook groups are a great time investment to grow your business! She gives us practical steps to kick-starting your strategy, she shares examples of how she does things using content and social media, and she doesn’t hesitate to share some great tips! Stay tuned for all this and more on today’s episode of Find Your Focus podcast. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We hear about Cyrissa’s photography journey.
  • Why Facebook Groups are an amazing platform for small businesses.
  • Cyrissa shares more about her Facebook Group and her strategy.
  • Steps on how to start and what to do to get your Facebook strategy a kick-start.
  • The importance of creating value-added content to your groups.
  • The 20% — 80% rule: Value-added and promotional content.
  • Cyrissa shares an example of how she utilizes content and social media to drive her business.


“It’s like, the photography chooses you. You don’t choose the photography, it chooses you. I think you are so right, so many people start that way.” — Cyrissa Carlson [0:03:42]

“One of the things I learned very early on was the power of social media and how it’s not just putting a photo up there and hoping people see it and hoping they engage, there’s an actual strategy and there are things and steps you need to take to make it work.” — Cyrissa Carlson [0:04:02]

“The first thing I recommend that you need to do is you need to take a step back and look at your sales funnel. If you have not ever designed a sales funnel, I highly encourage you to do that. Basically, it’s a place for you to define your client journey. How do people find you? How do they take that next step in the relationship? How do they start to work with you? How do they invest? How do they become a repeat client? It’s a journey..” — Cyrissa Carlson [0:12:44]

“FOMO, guys, is a huge driving decision-maker. People don’t like to have FOMO… if you can show people, not just tell them what they’re missing, but if you can show them what they’re missing, their FOMO will go through the roof.” — Cyrissa Carlson [0:019:55]

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