Getting Your Life Back – Simple Systems to Save You Time in Your Business with Dahlia Orth, System Strategy Academy.


Episode 24: Show Notes.

Stress is one of those things that can take the joy out of your photography career, but implementing good systems can help reduce it. Nobody understands systems as well as Dahlia Orth, and today she joins us on the show to geek out about how they have changed her life and how she can use them to help change yours. Dahlia is a photographer and systems specialist who has helped countless photographers get their life back through setting up systems and workflows that take away their stress. We talk to Dahlia about the stress she felt when her business started to grow and how implementing systems changed everything for her. Having learned the hard way, Dahlia made it her mission to help others so they did not have to do the same and she tells us all about the different photographers she has assisted, the specific needs they had, and the amazing transformations they underwent afterward. We touch on some great workflow automation software, the main differences between them, and how they can help you get out of the trenches of endless emails and invoices. Dahlia also talks about the exciting new services she is working on, including a two-week signature program where she sets up custom systems for photographers called Ticket To Freedom. Tune in and learn all about the power of systems and how Dahlia can help you claim back your precious time by using them!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Dahlia’s photography career before she implemented systems and how stressful it was.
  • We think systems are stressful but after implementing them we feel less stressed.
  • All the admin tasks in her career that became easier for Dahlia after implementing systems.
  • Systems for automating emails and workflow: HoneyBook versus Dubsado.
  • How HoneyBook and Dahlia have helped host Logan get more of her time back.
  • The needs of the different photographers Dahlia has worked with and the transformations they have experienced.
  • Systems don’t just help your business but your personal life and creativity too.
  • Learning the hard way as a self-taught artist and how Dahlia wants to share her skills.
  • The systems building service Dahlia is offering with Ticket To Freedom, and how it was born.
  • New projects Dahlia is offering for 2021; mini-courses, and a do-it-yourself systems shop!


“I felt like I was always sending emails, I was always missing a contract or an invoice and I didn’t know how to keep it all together. I was like, ‘This is crazy and something’s got to change.’” — Dahlia Orth [0:02:07]

“We have this opposite mindset with systems sometimes that systems are overwhelming and there is a big learning curve, which is all true, there are a lot of features in systems, but the stress that is alleviated when you implement a system is incredible.” — Dahlia Orth [0:02:33]

“We want more time, we want to make more money but we can’t do that until we have these things in place.” — Dahlia Orth [0:10:55]

“Ticket To Freedom is a two-week signature program where I do a custom systems set up and workflow set up for your business.” — Dahlia Orth [0:16:05]

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