Make More, Shoot Less: Successfully Switching to In-Person Sales with Chris Scott

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Episode 28: Show Notes.

Today we are talking to Chris Scott from Swift Galleries and The Print Maker System, both of which help photographers run a successful IPS or in-person sales business. Chris started out as a wedding photographer and noticed that the photography industry didn’t have anything out there to help IPS photographers with sales meetings from start to finish, so together with his wife, he built his own tools and program to meet the need of the market. In our conversation, Chris gives advice for those who are thinking about switching over to IPS but who find it overwhelming, explaining that it is not about getting it perfect right from the start but iterating and refining as you go. He points out the common mistakes people make in the transition phase and gets into all the reasons why IPS is beneficial for you and your clients, even though you might lose a few people in the process. Chris reminds listeners that they are running a business and that what they offer takes real skill, encouraging them to value their work and ask the price they feel their products and services are worth. Be sure to tune in to find out how IPS can enable you to make more while shooting less!  


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Chris talks about the history behind Swift Galleries and the journey to creating their first tool. 
  • Hear how they built Preveal based on a problem they had and a need in the market.  
  • The two standout features that make Preveal such a useful tool.
  • Advice for listeners who want to get into in-person sales (IPS) but feel like it is too daunting. 
  • Why it is not about perfection but establishing momentum and getting better day by day. 
  • Common mistakes to avoid when making the switch to IPS and starting with sales meetings. 
  • Chris explains why in-person sales are more advantageous to you and your clients.
  • Why you shouldn’t be deterred when some of your clients leave you because of your pricing. 
  • How IPS frees you up to work less and spend more time with your family. 
  • The tendency for photographers to undervalue themselves and why they should stop. 
  • Learn how The Printmaker System supports Swift Galleries and helps photographers with IPS. 


“I think that we get so stuck on everything has to be perfect, I have to add this new process into my business and it needs to be flawless from day one. And that’s just not feasible, it’s just not sustainable.” — @chrisgscott [0:05:47]

“The reason that you should be switching to in-person sales is not just because it’s going to make you a lot more money. It’s because it’s actually better for your clients.” — @chrisgscott [0:10:26]

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