Cracking the Copywriting Code: How to Connect with Clients on Your Website with Rachel Greiman

Episode 29: Show Notes.

Grabbing website copy builds trust, proves your value, and can help fill your calendar with bookings. Today, we speak with photographer and copywriter, Rachel Greiman, about how you can write copy that hooks clients. We open our conversation by talking about Rachel’s start in photography and the origins of her company, Green Chair Stories. After reflecting on how unique every photographer’s journey is, we dive into the importance of copy lenses — guidelines that narrow your focus and help you define your service, your clients, and your world view. We touch on how copy lenses give you a stress-free writing framework before asking Rachel for her top writing tips. Her actionable advice ranges from how to structure your copy, to insights into the purpose of each of your website pages. We discuss the top mistakes that photographers make on their website, what you can do to win over your future clients, and when and how you should add personality to your website. Tune in and learn more about writing website copy that sounds as good as your photography looks.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Exploring Rachel’s story and the origins of her business, Green Chair Stories.
  • How Rachel developed her interest in photography. 
  • The uniqueness of every photographer’s journey when getting into the industry. 
  • Why you should create copy lenses; it allows you to narrow your focus.
  • How copy lenses lead to a stress-free writing process.
  • Why you should never write website copy in your website’s back-end.
  • Rachel shares incredible top tips on how to write your website and what to include. 
  • Hear about the key techniques that you can use to hook your clients. 
  • Detailing the biggest copy mistakes that photographers make. 
  • The benefits of creating a scrolling website and adding personality to your contact page.
  • More tips on using your website to engage with clients and set yourself up for success. 
  • Using your website copy as a “preliminary contract” to ease the conversion process.


“Copy lenses guide your writing. And the more specific you can get about these copy lenses, the more freedom you have to go wild with your blog post and Instagram captions.” — @rgreiman [0:08:10]

“When writing your website, lead with a big claim on your homepage. Then spend the rest of your copy and the rest of the site proving that claim.” — @rgreiman [0:12:16]

“Give yourself the opportunity and have the information you need to make potential clients feel special. That way, you set yourself up for success before you even meet them.” — @rgreiman [0:22:13]

“Your website copy is a preliminary contract with the people that will eventually book you. If you have copy that makes them feel connected to you, it is easier to sell them once they are in your inbox.” — @rgreiman [0:23:08]

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