How to Stay Creative and Inspired Long-Term with Roy Handy

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Episode 32: Show Notes.

For many of us, photography is the most inspiring and exciting pursuit. It can bring with it adventure, new perspectives, and even foster new connections, but what happens when the well of inspiration runs dry? Today’s guest is Roy Handy, a graphic designer from New Orleans with a strong background in portrait photography, who has had his work published in Essence Magazine and on, among others. In this episode, Roy talks about the importance of passion projects and how to use them to stay inspired for the long term. He shares the story of how he got into photography after his mother passed away, and listeners find out more about Roy’s projects, including #000 – which focuses on the uniqueness of the color code it represents and of Black culture – and All Things Black, which showcases Black-owned businesses. Roy’s goal in life is to uplift and inspire people, and what better way to do that than through creative projects that provide a platform for others? Tune in today to find out more about the incredible work that Roy is doing, and hear his advice on creating space for ourselves to stay sane and inspired!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Roy shares how he got into photography after his mother passed away.
  • How Roy believes his mother speaks to him through his work, to connect with others.
  • What type of work Roy does, with clients ranging from beauty and products to events.
  • How the #000 project is at the intersection of Roy’s two passions: photography and design.
  • How #000 showcases the uniqueness of the color code it represents and of Black culture.
  • The book that came of the project is designed to convey the emotion that the subjects felt.
  • One of Roy’s favorite projects is one he is currently working on – All Things Black is a directory of Black-owned businesses.
  • Roy’s goal in life is to inspire and uplift others, to share what he is feeling with the world.
  • The importance of having passion projects and creating space for yourself as a photographer.
  • Why Roy believes we have to have passion projects to keep us sane.


“I wanted to see that different side of people, and show them that different side of themselves that they probably missed that morning, checking in the mirror. The book shows all of that. A group of women that all came together with one common goal of putting this project together.” — @Old_Orleans [0:10:48]

“Art is my way of giving back. Art is my way of just pushing back into the world and showing people that, whatever is being felt right now, this is me putting myself into a piece, and taking whatever is in my mind and showing you exactly what it is, through photography, through design, through painting, and illustrating, however I can.” — @Old_Orleans [0:15:42]

“As people, we have things to pay for. We have responsibilities and those things matter, but the same way you can schedule how you are going to pay a bill, the same way you schedule meetings with different clients, the same way you can schedule a photo shoot, and be there on time, and leave on time, because your time is worth it, and that time is valuable. You have to take that time and create that space for yourself as well because, if you don’t, you will literally forget why you got into this space and, after a while, you won’t even like it anymore.” — @Old_Orleans [0:17:35]

“I understand that we get tied into work but you have to have passion projects to keep you sane.” — @Old_Orleans [0:19:04]

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