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Episode 33: Show Notes.

If you have refined your skill to the point where it has led you to find success, you can add so much value to people’s lives and careers by teaching them what you have learned. Today we invite Emma Natter onto the show to talk about her process of condensing her branding expertise into a coaching business which did so well that she made $90,000 during the launch of her first online course! Emma is a launch strategist and Founder of The Aesthetic Way, a course that teaches entrepreneurs to create businesses that simultaneously build financial success, make a positive impact, and fulfill creative dreams. In her course, Emma uses a method designed to uncover what she calls ‘The Heart Story’ – a narrative that helps clients marry their passion with entrepreneurship so they can build the career of their dreams. In our discussion, Emma talks about different businesses she started that didn’t work, and how she came up with one idea that finally took off. She speaks about how she leveraged this success to build her early coaching business and finally pivoted from craftsmanship into education completely. Emma shares common challenges as well as tips and tricks for making this kind of pivot, highlighting that transitioning into education requires a completely new skillset. She also talks about how she and her team can help people launch their own courses as successfully as possible through The Aesthetic Way. For an inspiring story and some valuable pointers for pivoting from your area of expertise into coaching, tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Emma’s process struggling with different ideas before her backdrop business took off.
  • A crisis Emma had which led her to hire a coach and how this helped her new business.
  • How Emma decided she wanted to help others find success after she found hers.
  • Landing the first few clients in the branding coaching business Emma started.
  • Emma’s success as a coach and how she condensed her teaching into a course.
  • The success of the launch of Emma’s course, The Aesthetic Way, earning her $90,000.
  • How to know you are ready to teach others and launch a course, and what is required.
  • The value of coaching one-on-one before launching a course for building a reputation and testing your idea.
  • Why the biggest obstacle to launching a course is the desire to make it perfect.
  • Common mistakes photographers make when diving into the education world.
  • Realizing that being successful and teaching others to be successful are different skillsets.
  • The process in which Emma came to prioritize the coaching side of her business.
  • The time it takes to design courses, organize launches, and write webinars.
  • Brainstorming, copywriting, designi: How Emma helps people launch their courses.


“I put everything that I had learned about my process in this course called The Aesthetic Way, and I launched this course. I had about 1,200 subscribers on my email list and I ended up making $90,000 in that launch.” — Emma Natter [0:07:04]

“The advice that I always give is that I would definitely start with coaching people one-on-one.” — Emma Natter [0:11:14] 

“I work with a copywriter and a designer sometimes and we’ll put together an entire launch for somebody.” — Emma Natter [0:13:52]

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