How to Use Pinterest to Book Clients and Grow Your Photography Business with Sharee Davenport


Episode 35: Show Notes.

Creating a profitable photography business can be a challenging task, but what if there was a way you could achieve your five-year plan in just one? Wedding photographer and Pinterest expert Sharee Davenport did just that.

Today we talk to Sharee about how she leveraged her Pinterest account to market her work, triple her revenue, and book over $100,000 worth of gigs within the first six months. Throughout our conversation, Sharee shares a bundle of useful tips that you can start implementing right now.

As remarkable as her success is, we discuss how using Pinterest as a marketing tool can give you that same success. In this episode, you’ll hear about her personal journey in photography and how it went from a hobby to a full-time profession.

You’ll also hear why she no longer uses Facebook adverts or Instagram as lead funnels and dives into the misconceptions about Pinterest. By understanding the basics of analytics, proper pinning, and linking back to your own website, your booking calendar will fill up without much input. Be sure to tune in with us today and learn Sharee’s top tips to boost your photography business.  


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Sharee Davenport, a wedding photographer and Pinterest expert.
  • Sharee tells us how she got into photography and where she is today in her career.
  • Why getting familiar with marketing helped turn her hobby into her full-time profession.
  • How Sharee achieved her five-year plan in just one year.
  • Find out why Pinterest can be a useful marketing tool. 
  • Hear about the success Sharee achieved by using Pinterest.
  • Why Pinterest has been efficient on Sharee’s time and wallet.
  • How a novice can get to grips with platforms like Pinterest.
  • Why Sharee doesn’t use Facebook Ads and seldom uses Instagram for her business.
  • Despite the pandemic, hear how Sharee has still managed to book weddings.
  • How you can get started on Pinterest today.
  • The do’s and don’ts of marketing on Pinterest.
  • Why structuring your boards is not about aesthetics, but rather function.  
  • Sharee talks about the Pinterest guide she authored and how it can help you.


“After I hit the ground running with Pinterest, my five-year plan went down to one-year and I was able to leave my corporate job, shoot more, open my first photography studio, buy a house and pay off my car.” — Sharee Davenport [0:02:35]

“People brush off Pinterest when in fact, it is one of the most beneficial marketing tools out there.” — Sharee Davenport [0:03:48]

“Pin just 20 or 30 images, go back and check your analytics and you’ll see traffic already start generating.” — Sharee Davenport [0:11:04]

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