How to Capture Emotion that Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd


Episode 38: Show Notes.

While it is necessary to focus on your niche, applying lessons from other photography genres can help you stand out from the crowd. Today we speak to Nikon ambassador Kristi Odo whose work capturing wildlife and their emotions has made her a better wedding photographer. We open our inspiring conversation with Kristi by exploring her background and how taking a blurry picture of Bono from U2 sparked her passion for photography. We then talk about her latest projects and why you don’t need to go far to find captivating stories. After relating how she got published in National Geographic and the Washington Post, Kristi discusses how we can all make environmental changes by taking small actions. We dive into how photographing animals can make you a better wedding photographer, with Kristi sharing her top tips on finding the most emotionally poignant wedding moments. Near the end of the episode, Kristi opens up about her favorite travel destinations before telling listeners about the incredible workshops that she offers. Tune in for more of Kristi’s insights into capturing emotions that resonate with your viewers. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing globe-trotting wildlife and wedding photographer Kristi Odom.
  • Kristi shares how she got into photography.
  • Exploring Kristi’s latest projects and her photography focus.
  • Why you don’t always need to go far to find the perfect subject matter.
  • How you can make an environmental change through small local actions.
  • Kristi’s journey in becoming a public speaker and rekindling her passion.
  • How photographing animals helps Kristi shoot weddings.
  • Tips on finding and capturing the most tender wedding moments.
  • From Sumatra to the park; reflecting on Kristi’s favorite photography destinations. 
  • Hear about the photography workshops that Kristi offers.
  • Kristi opens up about why she so enjoys photographing nature. 


“As photographers, our job is to capture these high moments in people’s lives, these high moments in our own lives where we see beauty and we’re overwhelmed by the world.” — @KristiOdomPhoto [0:02:49]

“I always thought I’d have to photograph something exotic in a far-off place to get published by National Geographic. But my big break was a local story on insects and people.” — @KristiOdomPhoto [0:08:16]

“The more I photographed emotions and people, the more I looked for it in animals. And the animals taught me a different way of showing emotions that I then brought back to people.” — @KristiOdomPhoto [0:15:30]

“The camera is a tool where we can show our unique voices and how beautiful it is when we tap into how we’re feeling when we’re taking photos.” — @KristiOdomPhoto [0:21:22]

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