Avoiding Sparkly Object Syndrome: Top Investments for Your Business


Episode 40: Show Notes.

As photographers, it is always easy to get excited about the latest and greatest piece of equipment and imagine how it will be improving our photos and upping our game. In this episode, we explore why this mindset can often be the wrong use of our resources and a few of the better applications of our funds and energy. Research and education are ongoing processes but are essential in the early stages for finding what your specific needs are in relation to what you want to offer your clients. If you buy several different fancy lenses before getting into your practice fully, you will probably find you hardly use most of them! Your website is another vital piece of running this kind of business, and really cannot be ignored. Important aspects to keep in mind here are the SEO component, aesthetic and professional appearance, and the ease of finding useful information about what you offer. We also talk about the eternal magic of mentors, utilizing a CMS, and how to judge which avenue to approach first. So make sure to tune in and get it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why buying every single possible lens is not a good use of your money!
  • The importance of education, and how far it can take you and your photographs.
  • Investing in your website, its search-ability, and making sure it presents well for new customers. 
  • How mentors can help you on your journey — no matter what stage you are at!
  • Benefits that come from investing in a client management system.
  • Weighing the use of your money and finding the best investment for you and your business.


“When I first started out, I thought the most important thing for me to do was buy the best camera and all of the lenses. I am sure you can relate to sparkly object syndrome. I’m pretty sure all photographers have it.” — Logan Fahey [0:00:40]

“Today, I’m going to talk to you all about what I recommend investing in, to move your business forward and get the most bang for your buck that doesn’t involve buying new equipment.” — Logan Fahey [0:01:38]

“I always recommend to everyone to try to get out and shadow other photographers. Seeing how someone runs their sessions, what settings they’re using, what poses they’re doing, can be so helpful.” — Logan Fahey [0:05:19]

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