How One Photographer booked 33 Session in Her First 30 Days of Business with CC Seder


How you launch your business is what determines how quickly you book clients and earn a steady income. Today we speak with CC Seder, a full-time special needs teacher and photographer who booked 33 mini-sessions in her first 30 days of business.

As informative as it is inspiring, CC reveals her launch strategy, highlighting easy-to-follow steps that lead to a successful launch. As she unpacks her gameplan, she explains the importance of knowing what your resources are, who your clients will be, and how and where you can market yourself. A key lesson in this episode, we then discuss the value of setting lower price points for your first mini-sessions.

We also dive into best practices like having a landing page to show your work, providing clear and kind communication, and being able to adapt to your and your client’s needs.

CC’s strategy is tailored to getting in front of a huge amount of customers and then building a strong rapport with them. Tune in for insights on how you can book a flurry of sessions within an equally short space of time. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear how CC first got into photography.
  • The importance of launching your business at the right time.
  • Developing a clear sense of what your resources are and how you can use them.
  • Knowing who your clients are, with tips on marketing yourself.
  • Building a roadmap to success by setting goals. 
  • Why you should have a landing page to show your work. 
  • Advice on getting in front of the most people possible.
  • Why you need to focus on communication and leaving good impressions.
  • The difference between starting a business and launching one. 
  • Hear the benefits of starting with a low price point.
  • Using galleries and services like ShootProof to upsell customers. 
  • Keeping track of customers to offer them further services.
  • The need to educate our clients on how your services work.
  • With a busy schedule, how setting boundaries helps CC keep sane. 


“Make sure that you launch your business at a time where there’s going to be demand. That’s crucial to success.” — CC Seder [0:02:54]

Setting a low price point, in the beginning, helped me get in front of as many people — people that I knew would be returning customers if I could make a good impression on them.” — CC Seder [0:09:05]

“A big thing is keeping track of all of your contacts. Have an email list to send seasonal offers to first. That is a great pull to have — even if you offer them a discount.” — CC Seder [0:17:07]

“Setting boundaries and learning to say no is important. Everyone is different depending on job, family, desires, and how you feel.” — CC Seder [0:20:45]

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