The Secrets of Branding and Website Design to Attract High Paying Clients with Amanda Shuman.

Episode 06: Show Notes.

With the crowded photography landscape, it can be difficult to stand out. But there are some tried and tested branding techniques and strategies you can use to ensure that you get noticed. Our guest today, Amanda Shuman, owner of Carrylove Designs, helps creatives book more clients and make more money doing what they love. We kick off the episode by diving into Amanda’s background in brand strategy and her transition from a corporate role to a freelance one. We then hear some tips on how creatives can stand out online, and Amanda shares what she has done to get noticed as a web designer. She is not your run-of-the-mill designer who can only do attractive design. Instead, Amanda blends her creative web skillset with a sharp analytical mind to give her a unique perspective of the craft. We round the show off by talking about mistakes to avoid on your site as a creative, how video is changing marketing, and more. Tune in today!


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Key Points From This Episode:

•    Learn more about Amanda’s background and how she became a brand strategist.

•    Why it’s helpful to give yourself a timeline when transitioning into full-time freelance work.

•    Tips on standing out as a photographer across online platforms.

•    How Amanda stands out from other web designers.

•    Find out more about the 10 second rule that applies to a great website.

•    Necessary information for a high-converting website.

•    Common mistakes Amanda sees photographers and creatives making on their sites.

•    Insights into some marketing trends in 2020.

•    Learn about Amanda’s Brand Gathering Facebook Group and how you can join.


“A lot of the buying decision right now is shifting towards less about the actual product or service and is more becoming about the brand and the story and the message and the person behind who you’re buying from.” — @carrylovedesign [0:06:22]

“We design from a place of science and profitability rather than just beauty.” — @carrylovedesign [0:08:54]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Carrylove Designs

Carrylove Designs on Instagram

Amanda Shuman on Twitter

Brand Gathering Facebook Group


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