The Formula to Happiness: Finding Worth in Your Everyday Work with Wilson Lau.

Episode 07: Show Notes.

 Wedding and engagement photographs often follow a formulaic series of poses that can make them feel forced rather than capturing couples’ true happiness. Wilson Lau, a wedding photographer, looks to turn this convention on its head with his signature ‘happiness photography.’ We kick off the episode by learning more about Wilson’s start in the industry and what the process of finding his style looked like. After doing several weddings in a row, Wilson realized that he was not capturing the genuine essence of couples by putting them in standard poses. We then move onto how he goes about shooting weddings and the moments he looks to capture. From there, we find out more about what a happiness shoot looks like. Wilson shares more on his laid back approach and how he gets couples to feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Finally, we round off the conversation by learning about how Wilson achieves a candid feeling and some valuable advice he got from a mentor when he wanted to change his style. Be sure to tune in today!


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Key Points From This Episode:

•   Learn more about how Wilson got started in the wedding photography business.

•   Wilson’s signature ‘happiness photography’ style.

•   How Wilson has managed to find his creative voice and shoot for himself.

•   Why Wilson prefers not to be given a pre-determined shot list from a couple.

•   The moment where Wilson realized he wanted to break out of posed photography.

•   What an engagement photoshoot with Wilson looks like.

•   How Wilson gives couples creative license on shoots with him.

•   How mentors helped Wilson change direction of his photographic style.

Notable Moments:

“I shoot to satisfy myself because I want to be happy with what I’m putting out from personal perspective and from a creative perspective and I feel like I have such high standards for myself personally that if I’m satisfied with it, the people that hire me should be satisfied with it as well.” — Wilson Lau [0:05:26]

“I don’t have any jokes to crack really because I don’t know what makes them laugh. So, I get them to make each other laugh.” — Wilson Lau [0:14:15]

 “You got to open up yourself to others before others open to you. Don’t expect them to open up to you just like that. Open up yourself first and see where that leads you.” — Wilson Lau [0:18:42]

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