It’s a common misconception that the pose of your model doesn’t matter much in boudoir photography. However, even a scantily clad beautiful model can’t erase an awkward pose or angle. If a pose doesn’t look natural, your audience will probably be able to tell.

If you’re still new to the genre and trying to figure out how to pose your model, here are plenty of different boudoir poses to try out. 

Try a Double Reflection

When you’re dealing with a client or an experienced and sexy boudoir model, you might not be sure which side of their body to emphasize with a pose.

The good news is that as long as you’ve got a mirror handy, you might not need to choose. The double reflection pose allows you to capture the back of your model as well as the reflection of their front in the mirror. 

Focus on the Back

As a photographer, the model’s back might not be the first body part you think of when it comes to sensuality or being sexy.

However, if you’ve ever looked at boudoir photography, you’ll notice that the back plays a large role. Try taking a shot that highlights your model’s back, and ask them to turn their head, so they’re looking over their shoulder. This way, the camera will capture their curved body as well as their face. 

A Different Perspective

Even if you’ve got your model in the right pose, the next question you’ve got to answer is where you’re going to take the image from to make it as sexy as possible.

If the model is lying down, taking the image from the top is a great angle. When you snap the shot, you’ll get a close-up of the model’s face, this pose will give the illusion of enlarged breasts, and it can help hide the belly. 

black and white photo of woman in bra and sweater

Details in the Knees

One of the more popular sexy boudoir poses is when the model sits on a flat surface with bent knees and hands at her side. From the audience’s perspective, the model looks almost frisky, like she’s getting ready to pounce.

This pose is one of the best ways to add more sexuality to a boudoir photo. If you want more mystery, try asking the model to lower her face, so it looks like she’s almost hiding from the camera when you take the image.

Bring Some Sexy Shoes

When it comes to the best boudoir poses, a lot of photographers focus on lingerie or body angles, but they completely forget about footwear. If your model isn’t afraid to strut around in high heels, don’t forget to highlight this in your boudoir photos. 

Ask Your Client to Arch Their Back

If your model is flexible enough to pull this pose off, try asking them to arch their back. This sexy boudoir pose can highlight any natural curves in the model’s body without feeling “over the top.” 

Focus on the Face

Some amateur photographers make the mistake of focusing too much on a model’s body during a boudoir photo session. While the body is important, viewers might feel disconnected if they can’t see the model’s face clearly. 

If you truly want to add intrigue to a boudoir photo, take a close-up of the model’s face and blur the rest of their body. 

Add a Prop for Interest

Sometimes, your boudoir poses might be fine or even sexy, but they seem to lack… something. If your shot feels lacking, try adding a little bit of texture in the form of a chair. An ornate vintage chair or armchair would work best, but you can work with anything that you have on hand. 

Accentuate the Model’s Legs

If you want to give the appearance that your model has infinitely long legs, try asking them to place their legs closer to the couch and lift their upper leg. Their hips should bend, and make their legs seem much longer.

If you aren’t photographing near the couch, this boudoir pose should work similarly on a chair or even the floor. 

Explore Shadows

In a boudoir session, the shadows are your friend. If you experiment with them, you can hide certain areas of the model’s body, but highlight others. Don’t be afraid to shoot your photoshoot in a dark room with limited light. 

Use the Hair 

If your model has long hair, this can provide a new whole element for you to work with. If your model is comfortable with full nudity, her long hair can cover her breasts, and draw attention to her boudoir pose. 

Dramatic Details

If your client or model is feeling a little uncomfortable with the thought of showing her entire body, try using a close-up shot. Not only will you attract attention to the model’s face, but you’ll create some intrigue and mystery as to what the rest of her body looks like. 

sexy photo of woman in red underwear

Up Against a Wall

Feeling a little creatively stumped? Check out what a pose leaning against a nearby wall can do for you. When your model leans against the wall and stretches her body, she’ll typically look more elegant and graceful than she might in other boudoir poses. 

Pre-Wedding Prep

Boudoir poses and boudoir photo shoots are especially popular for soon-to-be-brides. With all the wedding craziness, trying to schedule a session before the big day can be a challenge.

An interesting compromise is to have your boudoir session during the pre-wedding preparations. While the bride gets dressed and ready, you can help her find plenty of boudoir poses that are camera-worthy. 

A Stunning Silhouette

Some boudoir photos and boudoir poses are able to create intrigue by making a silhouette of the model. Ask her to pose standing in front of a light source and strike one of the best boudoir poses. Creating a silhouette usually works best if the room you’re shooting in is also pretty dark. 

Consider Incorporating Water

If you live near a lake, ocean, or you’ve got a bathtub at your disposal, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of this. The water can help you create plenty of interesting boudoir poses. Milk bath photography is especially popular when it comes to boudoir photography, and there are a lot of different ways that your model can arrange their body. 

Have the Model Lay Down 

One of the more popular and best boudoir poses that you’ll probably recognize is having the model lie down on a bed or flat surface. This pose will naturally stretch her body out, and you’ll be able to take shots from a lot of different angles. If she’s lying on the floor, you might want to use a blanket or a yoga mat to make it a little more comfortable. 

Sliding Down From the Bed

If you want to place more emphasis on the model’s legs, stomach, and overall flexibility, try asking her to slowly slide off the bed. 

Lengthen the Legs

You probably recognize the “legs up” boudoir poses from pin-up photography. Similar to taking the image from the top, having your model put her legs up with this pose will elongate her body, accentuate the breasts, and hide her belly. 

Get Creative with Body Paint

The best boudoir photoshoots are all about art. As a photographer, your goal is usually to find an artistic boudoir pose for your model. If you’re interested in adding a little bit more of an artist’s touch, you can try using body paint on your model as well. 

Switch the Focus

Your model’s body or face isn’t the only point of interest in your boudoir photo shoot. There’s always room to highlight their beautiful lingerie or fabric. 

Embrace a Fresh Look

One of the best parts of a boudoir photoshoot is that it allows the model to embrace themselves in a way they might be unfamiliar with. Instead of going for an everyday look, encourage your model to try a fresh look like that they don’t usually try. 

Venture Out in the Morning

The morning is a great time for boudoir photos for two reasons. Not only is the light at its softest, but you can also capture a couple’s early morning wakeup routine. By adding some of the best boudoir poses, you can take shots of your model (or models) waking up in bed, cooking breakfast, or even getting dressed for the day. 

woman posing on windowsill

Cast the Couple

A lot of boudoir photoshoots only use one model, but there’s no reason why it can’t be a couple’s activity. With couples’ boudoir, there’s a lot more interesting best boudoir poses that you can take advantage of. 

Use a Partner’s Props

It’s not uncommon in the best boudoir sessions for a model to use their partner’s props. For instance, if your client has a husband that used to play football, she might wrap herself in his old jersey or use a football as a prop. 

Using an Oversized Shirt 

Similar to using a partner’s props, a popular choice for best boudoir poses is to use a partner’s oversized shirt. If it’s a button-down shirt, the model can even pick and choose how exposed she wants to be. 

The Great Outdoors

Since boudoir sessions tend to be a little more sensual than other photoshoots, many photographers and models assume they’ll have to have the session inside. Depending on where you’re at, that isn’t necessarily true. While you don’t want to strip down in public, there are plenty of isolated outdoor locations that can provide an interesting backdrop for your boudoir poses. 

Highlight the Belly 

The best boudoir sessions know what to accentuate. During a maternity photoshoot, your focus should be the model, but you should also make sure her boudoir pose also accentuates the belly. Although it would be difficult not to see her belly if she’s heavily pregnant, you should still consider if you can emphasize her stomach anymore. 

Common Boudoir Photography Questions

If you’ve never done a boudoir photography session before, you might have a few questions about how to handle the situation, posing, and how to make it the best boudoir session yet. The good news is that you’re not the only one with a few unanswered boudoir photography questions. 

How Should I Prepare For a Boudoir Photography Session? 

Whether you’re the model or the boudoir photographer, there’s plenty of things you should do to prepare for your boudoir session. Boudoir photographers will need to bring their camera and figure out where the set and shooting location will be beforehand. In some cases, you might want to think of a few different shooting locations as well as any props you’ll need. 

As a model, you should figure out what you’ll be wearing for the session, as well as any props you might want to include. Depending on the look you’re going for, you want to make sure you do your hair and makeup before you show up for the photoshoot. 

woman in black bra with stripped light from window

How Much Does Boudoir Photography Typically Cost? 

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to figuring out the cost of a boudoir photo shoot or how much the best boudoir photographers cost. It usually depends on the photographer as well as how long the session is going to be.

With a professional photographer who has shot the best boudoir photos before, you can expect the cost to tally up to at least $200 an hour, if not more. 

If you’re dealing with a photographer who isn’t as experienced but is looking to add boudoir photos to their portfolio, the cost might be less. You should do what you can afford, but there are a lot of perks to hiring someone with a great reputation and a thick portfolio of boudoir photos. 

The Best Boudoir Photography Tips for Clients and Models

If you plan to be on the other side of the camera, here are a few tips to make the process feel a little more comfortable. 

Look up the Best Boudoir Photos 

Before you go to take boudoir photos for your session, don’t be afraid to look up a few boudoir photos online first. This way, you’ll already have a few boudoir photos ideas for potential best boudoir poses that you could strike during the photoshoot. 

woman in black underwear with pink boxing gloves

Keep Practicing 

Every model’s body is different when it comes to posing, and one way to feel a little more comfortable striking the best boudoir poses is to practice.

When you don’t have the pressure of the camera, you can make mistakes with posing, figure out what works for you, and what poses feel unnatural. That way, when you show up for your boudoir photography session, you’ll already know what to do. 

Look to Other Boudoir Photographers

The good news is that when you do a boudoir photo shoot, you aren’t alone in the room. The best Boudoir photographers do more than just take the boudoir photos. As a boudoir photography professional, they can tell you what posing looks good, and even direct you as to which boudoir poses you should strike. 

If the boudoir photographers have constructive criticism for your best boudoir poses, keep in mind that they aren’t trying to hurt your feelings when they direct your posing. Their goal is to make sure you get the most out of the session and the best boudoir photos as possible.

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