Cole here for one minute before I turn it over… this tutorial was created by one of our “classmates” our wildly popular Facebook photography community, if you aren’t already a member, you can join us for free right here.

Christian was nice enough to share his final photo in the group and the response to see HOW he did it was overwhelming… in fact his dropbox was suspended from sending too much traffic there for people to watch his tutorial…so naturally I invited him to share his tutorial with us here on the official Cole’s Classroom site.

…and lucky for us – he jumped at the chance.

The rest of this post is 100% Christian’s words and video tutorial – enjoy!!!

Christian here from Coles Classmates.

I recently uploaded a photo to our amazing group! It was a beautiful young girl from a recent outdoor shoot. Now it was very plain and boring, yet beautiful at the same time.

Christmas is coming and the Goose is getting fat, so I thought to myself why not get in the spirit, and spice it up by adding some Snow.

There is a lot of negativity about actions and presets! There are so many varieties, they come in all shapes and sizes and quite frankly, it can be scary choosing.

In this video tutorial, I use a very limited amount of actions, which produce amazing results!

From recent experience, adding snow to your image is quite daunting. It can easily look fake! With the right mixture of tools, a positive mind and some patience, here is what can be achieved! (Before & After photo)


Ready to see how I did it?  Watch this video tutorial I made here:

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if anyone has any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact myself or Cole. “NO QUESTIONS IS A STUPID QUESTION”

Good luck to you all and Merry Christmas


About Christian
My name is Christian O’Reilly, I am the owner at RGB Photography in UK.

I am 28 years old,  my first love is my children, second is Photography. I live and breathe it, always ‘framing’ when driving around, always got at least one camera on me, and always looking for inspiration.

I first started photography as a hobby, I bought a Nikon D7000 with a kit lens. My first attempt was actually at my sisters wedding going back 14 months ago. I have never looked back since.

As a photographer, people seem to believe its ‘take a photo’ and thats it! How wrong are they? The hours we spend, day in day out, editing photos, GOD only knows.

POST PRODUCTION – Is my Forte! I concentrated all my time, strengths, mind and ability into learning POST PRODUCTION! These days, DSLR Cameras, a RAW file and Photoshop is the recipe for an outstanding life of stills, that people will cherish for life.

I truly believe my images are where they are today, due to me learning to shoot specifically, for my editing style. See the finished product in your mind, not whats on your LCD!

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