Wedding photography isn't for the faint of heart!  The action at a wedding is fast and furious and if you aren't ready for it, it can be a recipe for disaster.  I fondly remember my first wedding, the nerves started the night before and didn't let up until I parked the car, at which time I knew it was "go-time".

Today and just shy of 100 weddings later, the days of nerves about the potential "unexpected" are long gone, but you it often takes years before wedding photographers have had enough experience from different weddings to have that level of confidence.

The good news for you?  I am going to share with you in this video tutorial all of my top tips on how to prepare for your first wedding (or any wedding).

If you are a lover of lists or bullets, here is what you will learn within the video:

  • What kind of back-up gear you will need.
  • How to create an effective family portrait list and my secret for super-efficient and fast family portraits on the wedding day.
  • When to work with your client with timeline creation.
  • How to practice for the wedding, for a specific venue BEFORE your wedding.
  • How to get your clients "camera-ready" before the wedding day!

Check out our video on preparing for your first wedding!

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Got a question that wasn't answered in the video?  Not a problem - just ask me down below!  I read every comment and will get back to you :)