The days of sending over a box of film negatives or proofs to your clients are long gone. After a job well done, it’s now time to actually deliver your finished images to your clients.

The question though becomes, what options do you have and which should solution should you utilize.  At a top level you have 3 different options in terms of how to deliver your images…

3 Different Options

  1. CD or DVD – While this was the expected and preferred method a few years ago it is no longer a preferred method for image delivery. As many computers are already not coming with disc drives this image delivery method is quickly becoming obsolete.  My recommendation…run away from this method.  Aside from the obsolescence issues, there are other issues too…
    1. More difficult for client to view images
    2. Cost of postage
    3. Time delay – client waiting for mail.
  2. Digital Download – This is the easiest and quickest way to deliver images to your clients. Not only can your clients easily download their images within a single mouse click they also have an easy way to view, share and order their images.  What’s not to love about that?  Also, depending on your state regulation (it varies by state) you often are not liable for sales tax on your photography services IF images are delivered via digital download.
  3. USB – Delivering your images via USB is the new age CD/DVD delivery. Discs are out and USB’s are in.  Nothing wrong with USB delivery.  The benefit of USB delivery compared to digital download is your clients actually can receive something tangible and more important…you can have your own company branding or presentation included within the USB/packaging.  There are some very nice presentation options available which can be a nice way to wow your clients.  The negatives – cost of USB & packaging, sending to client via mail takes time and money and applicable state sales tax on entire photography package since USB is a tangible deliverable.

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What I Do

Quite awhile ago I ditched burning disks and went to straight digital download and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.  It’s just easy.  That’s why I do it and I haven’t ever had a client complain about not getting their photos on a USB stick or disk (in case you were wondering)…

Online Proofing Companies I Recommend

There are new companies popping up all over but I am only going to recommend the two companies that I actually use.  Both of these options make it easy to let your clients view their images, buy your images and download your images.

Zenfolio – Zenfolio is a great choice if you want to get a ton of features at an affordable price point.  Their professional package only costs a mere $140 a year and the best part is you get unlimited photo backups.  This a great way to keep a backup copy of your clients final images!  Learn more about Zenfolio here and use this promo code (C27-88X-GDZ) to save 20% off your membership!


Shootproof – Shootproof is pretty darn awesome.  I especially love how professional and clean the overall look is of their galleries and what has me most excited about is their new features they are rolling out which include the ability to invoice and send contracts too!  Not to mention the ease of adding automated emails to each of your gallery to send out messages to anyone who views a photo gallery.  Shootproof’s pricing is ranges from $10-$60 a month and depends on how many images you have hosted each month. You can learn more & start a free trial here.


Just remember, what works best for you may not be best for someone else and vice versa, but I hope this gives more clarity to you so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Chat soon!

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