As if everyone wasn’t already a “photographer” with pretty decent cameras in our smartphones we now have some pretty fun apps for our phones that can transform a pretty standard snapshot into something with some “WOW” factor to it.  Let me introduce Instagram – an app that by now I am pretty sure most are familiar with.  I think the app is awesome, but others disagree and in some cases, professional photographers truly despise it.  So it begs the question, Is Instagram a photographers best friend or worst nightmare?

The Instagram lovers claim the app simply helps them turn their everyday photos into something better, more exciting.  For someone like myself, I personally don’t want to always carry around one of my full size Nikon DSLRs so I love having the convenience of a decent camera in my iPhone and using Instagram to put a cool quick edit on it and share it with the Instagram world.  So another benefit of Instagram – its attached to your phone…convenience.  Instagram lovers say, Instagram actually pushes you to become a better photographer by showcasing truly what your creative eye sees in everyday life, and forces you to make it interesting with a square crop.

However, the Instagram non-believers often look down upon the app claiming that it gives a false perception to users that they are suddenly “photographers” because they can take any photo and automatically spruce it up with a vintage look with a click of a button.  Many also think that the over-use of photo processing and vintage tones are going to make people start to request that “Instagram-look” to their photos from their photographer, someone who might not have that vintage editing style with his or her work.  Or they feel that such convenience and one-click editing can promote “laziness” and let people haphazardly take iPhone photos until they get one they like.  Something people didn’t have the luxury of doing in the film days…

I personally love Instagram, I love the accessibility, the ease of sharing and most of all the challenge of creating a work of art with just a camera phone and a square image.  One thing is certainly for sure, all Instagram “photographers” are on the same level playing field with one another, so the equipment is virtually all the same which really showcases how creative one can be with just a phone camera.  There are quite a few fellow professional photographers that I follow on Instagram that are amazing at what they capture with their phones.  My friend Tim King is one of these super talented Instagrammers….you can check out his stuff at timkingphoto I think you’ll dig it.  If you want to see my everyday work on Instagram, please follow me at: colejosephphoto

Soooo which camp do you fall into?  Instagram lover OR Instagram hater?  I’d love to hear from you…so please leave a comment down below so we can discuss!

And of course, how could I not include some of my favorite Instagram photos…enjoy!

Rock on’


Las Vegas MGM Grand Pool Instagram Photo

San Diego Lake Murray Sunset Instagram

unwritten law instagram belly up tavern











Miami Airplane Sunset Instagram











St Thomas Carribbean Iguana Instagram

San Diego State University Amazing Sunrise Instagram Photo











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