Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a regular income doing something you love? Do you want to spend more time with your kids?! The good news is, when you invest in yourself & commit to educating yourself and then implementing what you learn – you can be wildly successful, even in a short amount of time just as Kate did.

So I know the drill…you are working your 9-5 day job, and to put it mildly, you’re not happy. You WANT to work for yourself, be home with your kids, or not have to hit the snooze button and drag yourself out of bed to do something you hate (hello, me as a paralegal).  But something is holding you back. Is it the fear of failure? Are you worried that you won’t be able to support your family, or that people won’t take your photography seriously? Or you won’t be good enough?

Trust me, we’ve felt those feelings, in fact, EVERYONE has felt those feelings, which is why I’m guessing you can relate to what I’m saying! Why? Because we’re HUMAN.  But here’s the thing, there’s no magic pill for overnight success, which is why we’re here to help you.  Let’s face it, you can spend the next 10 years dreaming about taking your photography full-time, or you can DO something about it. TODAY. Click here if you want to overcome the first step and say YES to yourself and your future. 

Watch the Interview Below to See How She Did It.

For your convenience, we’ve added sections & time stamps for you so you can easily navigate through the interview!

More about Kate: Really, she’s a normal person just like YOU. (1:15)

I think we all have these visions that successful people somehow possess another skill set that’s different than we have, and that simply isn’t true…but it’s a GREAT excuse to keep you stuck.  Are you ready to take a leap of faith? 

Kate is a young mom of an adorable little girl, and was working 50-60 hours a week doing marketing for a local company in Massachusetts. She picked up a camera to help create content for her company, and fell in love with photography. She took her love for her community, talking, and photography and decided the time was NOW. Kate ultimately wanted freedom from a strict corporate schedule, a life where SHE got to make the rules, more time with her family, and the bliss of running her life by her rules!

If you think about it, sometimes our REALITY is actually scarier than the unknown! Does this sound familiar?

Are you stressing about the logistics? Overcoming the fear! (5:40)

If you’re anything like Kate, you’re worried about HOW you’re going to make money (without spending it all), and how you’re going to support your family. Normally, this is where most people get stuck. BUT there is a simple solution…making and sticking to a realistic PLAN. Break down your costs, how many hours you WANT to work, and how much you need to make to supplement the income you need. Breaking it all into “bite size” chunks can make it a LOT less overwhelming. In Kate’s case, LOGIC and PLANNING silenced most of her fears.

The benefits to being your own boss! (11:15)

Why is it you love photography and want to share it with the world? For Kate, it’s her daughter. Spending time with her, being home for the important things, taking a day off to go to the zoo…all the things I think we DREAM of as parents. She didn’t want to live her life on someone else’s timeline!

How much would you give to be able to:

  • Make your own schedule?
  • Take a day off without asking for permission?
  • Spend a sick day with your child without feeling guilty?
  • Be your own boss and make your own rules?
  • Play by your OWN rules?

  • Connect with clients in a genuine and authentic way, WHILE making enough to support your family?
  • Take more than ONE week of vacation a year? Um, YES PLEASE!
  • Schedule your work around your LIFE, verses your life around your work?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a 9-5 job is the ONLY way! What would actually happen if you took that 40-50 hours/week and invested that into your OWN photography business? Click here to find out!

Your WHY! (17:15)

Every person has a different motivation! What’s your why? This is important to define, because it will keep you motivated long-term! I promise you that when you keep that reason in the forefront of your business, success is a non-negotiable.

For example, “Photography is a way of gifting memories to families! They can look back 20 years from now, smile and remember what a great day they spent with their loved ones!”

How Kate went from shooting on Auto to full Manual Mode?! (21:30)

Before Cole’s Classroom, Shooting on Auto Mode!

After finding Cole’s Classroom Pro, taking the Photography Fast Track course and learning about Manual mode! Stunning, right?!

The day Kate quit her job she stumbled across and ad for a Cole’s Classroom webinar and figured she didn’t have much to lose! Here’s the thing, if want things in your life to change for the better, you need to take ACTION! Sitting around and hoping knowledge is going to appear overnight simply isn’t going to happen. You need to kick fear to the curb and starting living your life with purpose and motivation. Trust me, it’s WAY more fun to get up in the morning when there’s a fire under you to take control and live your best life!

Joining the Cole’s Classroom Community: A game changer! (26:30)

Have you ever been a part of a Facebook group that isn’t supportive? We can totally relate! Kate talks about how she was terrified to post her work for constructive criticism. She was in fear that someone would tell her how horrible her work was (which is NOT something you want to hear when you’ve literally just quit your job)! She describes how Cole’s Classroom Pro is an amazing community to keep you motivated, give cutting edge training and provide support with ZERO JUDGMENT.

How much did Kate initially invest in her new business? (34:55)

You DON’T need the fanciest camera or top lens out there! Kate uses a crop sensor (the Canon Rebel T5)! The one thing she DID invest in was a better lens, to get the compression she wanted. She invested roughly $100 on a 50mm 1.8 lens, which we absolutely love (and that won’t break the bank). So in the end, she spent a few hundred dollars (on a website, new lens and some props for her newborn shoots)! Not too bad considering her return, don’t you think? Clients are paying for YOU as an artist, not the camera! Everyone and their grandma owns a DSLR, but how many actually know how to use them?

Kate’s list of the 5 things you need to start a photography business! (42:05)

  • DSLR
  • A lens that with a aperture of 2.0
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Gumption!!!

You can’t buy hard work and hustle! The great thing about joining such a great community of photographers is that you cut down on the time it would take to discover all of these things by trial and error! Surrounding yourself with people who can offer support and help is literally priceless.

When you can call yourself a professional? (46:30)

There’s no magic formula for when you’re “allowed” to call yourself a photographer. It really comes down to confidence. If you give away free sessions for the first year, maybe it’s because you’re afraid to take responsibility or face the potential of failing. We’ve ALL been there.  After a few free or discounted sessions, it’s time to start charging for your time and services! When you’re charging and booking clients, you’re a professional! Embrace the title! YOU CAN DO IT!

Is this type of success realistic? Heck YES it is!

Let’s be honest, not everyone who decides to start a photography business is going to be successful. We’re not here to lie to you and say it’s easy, it’s not. BUT, if you have the hustle and drive, there’s no DOUBT it can be done. Get rid of that doubt, put your head down, ignore the competition and the haters out there, and INVEST IN YOURSELF.  Make sure that you create a sustainable plan to get things off the ground, and surround yourself with people who are going to support and encourage you!

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