After months of planning & creating, I am so pleased to announce the release of our online Newborn Photography Workshop for the On-Location Photographer!online newborn photography workshops

My goal for this online newborn photography workshop was to be able to create a comprehensive and complete newborn photography training resource that anyone could watch and have the knowledge, tools & resources necessary to fast track their learning curve and take their newborn photography and business to the next level.
Newborn Photography Workshop OnlineNewborn photography has its own specific set of challenges that are unlike any other type of photography.  Because of this, many photographers simply struggle when getting started in newborn photography and either give up or learn the hard way by spending a tedious amount of time & energy struggling to reach their true potential as a newborn photographer.

“It just took forever!  I would learn one thing at a shoot and then another at the next, then I’d buy workshops and learn an editing trick etc… SO much time has been invested, and it all happened after our first baby and a full time job so it was exhausting, humbling & frustrating…” – Marcy L.

Struggle & frustration isn’t fun so why not make the learning curve a bit easier?

I have teamed up with top newborn photographer – Chrystal Cienfuegos to create a truly unique online workshop experience.  Our newborn photography workshop not only covers absolutely everything that one “must” know before stepping into the world of newborn photography but also reveals all of the tips & tricks learned through years of running a newborn photography business; plus demonstrates the actual tools, techniques and resources that we use each day in our businesses.
Newborn Photography Training ClassIn this online newborn photography workshop you will be walked through the full life-cycle of a newborn photo session workflow and much more – including key pricing & marketing strategies that will ensure you business is healthy and profitable.
Chrystal 3Just a small sampling of what is covered within the workshop.

  • Get “on-the-job” training as we bring an unscripted real life newborn session to you!
  • See my 100% Lightroom photo editing & retouching workflow saving you time without compromising results!
  • Watch Chrystal guide you step by step with photo retouching & creating composite images in Photoshop.
  • Learn the key business fundamentals to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Use our process & tools for efficient pre-session prep that will ensure you have successful & smooth newborn sessions that turn your clients into raving fans.
  • Learn key proven pricing strategies that work & will boost your profits!
  • Watch how you can use Facebook & strategic partnerships to propel your business & keep new business coming in!

Chrystal 6
For more details about the online newborn photography workshop course content click here.

By having this newborn photography workshop being completely downloadable and online, you will have lifetime access to the workshop so you can watch and refer back to the newborn workshop chapters whenever you’d like and view them wherever you’d like.

In addition to the invaluable course content above, for a limited time, you also get these FREE bonuses worth over $150!

  • Cole’s Essential Newborn Lightroom Presets Pack! ($49 Value) 
    Featuring 24 stunning 1-click develop & 5 brush presets hand crafted to save you time while giving you endless refined photo edits made specifically to tackle common challenges associated with newborn photography!
  • Pricing & Position Yourself for Success: Cole’s Guide to Creating a Pricing Structure that Works for YOU! ($99 Value)
    The exclusive & extensive 20 page/5,000 word PDF pricing guide shows you all the key elements to mastering the art of pricing.  The guide covers the topics below & a whole lot more.

    1. Pricing Structures – Packages vs. A La Carte
    2. Which Pricing Structure is Best for You
    3. Creating Packages that Sell Themselves
    4. How to Capitalize with A La Carte Pricing
    5. Finding the Right Price: How Much Should You Charge?
    6. The Importance of Knowing Your Costs
    7. The Key to Higher Profits
    8. Also includes proven sample packages & a la carte pricing templates you can modify & use for your business!
  • The Newborn Photography Toolkit
    Proven email templates, session prep checklists, recommended gear lists & more to keep you more organized and your clients more prepared while saving you time!
  • Save money with exclusive discounts from our favorite companies & products!
    • Zenfolio – 15% off
    • The Knitting Bitty – 15% off
    • Baby Joy Studios – 10% off
    • Red Tree Albums – 35% off
    • Shoot Baby! – 10% off
    • ProPhoto Blogs – $10 off
  • Your chance at winning one of our prize packs from our workshop sponsors when purchase workshop by 1/31/2014!

Click below for more details and to purchase the Newborn Photography Workshop for the On-Location Photographer!
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