Technology is amazing.  It really is.  The thing is with technology is the ones who are the late adopters typically get the better “deal”.  So from a cost standpoint in particular, those that have the patience to wait are often rewarded. I believe that is exactly what is happening again with the newest group of full frame DSLR cameras.  The one that in my opinion is the clear winner though is the Nikon D750 which was just announced by Nikon as the latest camera to their full frame line-up. I don’t write too many photography gear reviews or gear announcements…only if something really catches my eye and is truly “newsworthy” to me.  Well this fits that category. In this post I am going to summarize the technical specs of the Nikon D750, share with you my own thoughts and lastly show you where you can pre-order one if you’d like.

Nikon D750 – The Camera I Wanted But Couldn’t Have

D750 front

Back in 2012 I needed to add another camera to our arsenal for our wedding photography kit.  I was torn.  I loved everything about the D800, except the 36 megapixel files (read: Why Having 36 Megapixels Doesn’t Suck!), so I considered the D600 but I couldn’t get behind that camera’s closely clustered AF points array in the viewfinder (39 AF points close together vs 51 AF points more spread out).  I ultimately went with the D800 and figured I’d just deal with the larger files – the camera has been remarkable.  In fact, I’ve just added another a couple months ago… But without a doubt, this is the camera that I would have gotten had it been available at the time.  It seems to fit right in the middle between the D600 and D800 except much closer to the D800 than the D600 for a much smaller price tag…seems like a clear winner to me!

What I Love About the Nikon D750

I’ll spare you the long list of [amazon link=”B0060MVJ1Q” title=”Nikon D750″ /] tech specs (for now) here is what I love most about the Nikon D750 from the published specs.

[amazon box=”B0060MVJ1Q” template=”horizontal”]

  • 51 Point Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX II with Group Area AF – updated version to the one in the D810 and D4s
  • New EXPEED 4 processor
  • 24 megapixels – 36 is simply overkill in most cases
  • Dual Memory Card slots – If you aren’t using a camera with two card slots, you should be! Read this to find out why…
  • Up to 12,800 Native ISO (Expandable to 51,200 ISO) – Can’t say how usable shooting at this ISO would be without real world tests but I am guessing there will be some improvements made to other Nikon cameras
  • Vari-angle LCD display – for many pro photographers this would be a non-sense feature, but for those using the camera for video it is a welcomed feature.
  • $2,299 Price point!

What’s Missing From the Nikon D750

Honestly, not a whole lot.  I’d say, for myself and my shooting style, the biggest letdown but not necessarily a deal breaker with the Nikon D750 would be –

  • Max shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second rather than 1/8000th
  • Dual SD memory card slots rather than 1 SD and 1 CF memory card slot

Nikon D750 Full Specs & Sample Images


For the full set of technical specs, head over to the official Nikon page right here. Here are a couple sample images from the D750 as posted from the Nikon site.


Should You Buy It?

I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on one for any real world testing so this conclusion is purely based on features relative to price and overall value of the Nikon D750. In my opinion this camera is a great buy if:

  • You are in the market for a Nikon full frame camera.
  • You want a camera for sports and action with a good frames per second (FPS) rate
  • You want a stronger AF system than the [amazon link=”B00FOTFA7U” title=”D610″ /] without the price or feature set of the [amazon link=”B00STQ7276″ title=”D810″ /]
  • You don’t want the extremely large file size of the D800 and D810

On paper, I think this camera is the best thing to be announced in a very long time.  For that, I am naming this camera the most valuable Nikon full frame body yet!  Note – I am not saying most valuable as in the most expensive, the D4s gets that award, but the camera that offers the most “value” to you the user.

Where to Buy

The Nikon D750 is available at Amazon [amazon link=”B0060MVJ1Q” title=”right here” /]!

[amazon box=”B0060MVJ1Q” template=”horizontal”]

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