Crisp & Clean Lightroom Presets


Crisp & Clean Lightroom Presets – The quick & easy way to add that extra “pop” to your photos! My most popular presets collection!




Tired of Your Photos Lacking “Pop” & “Wow”? Editing Your Photos Just Got WAY Easier!

20 1-Click Styled Develop Presets + 18 Bonus “Easy Adjust” Presets Collection making fine tuning adjustments easier than ever before

“These presets are fantastic! The organizational thought behind their format made it easy to progress seamlessly through the editing process, and to know exactly where I needed to go for the edits I desired. I was most impressed with their versatility across so many types of images and light sources. They look great on my outdoor family and wedding shots AND indoor lifestyle shots. Even images that I thought were lost shots were brought to new life. I am thrilled to have these in my editing arsenal!”

-Betsy Davis Photography

The most user friendly & effective presets around!

  • Single click presets designed to SAVE YOU TIME!
  • Creative variety at your fingertips. Not sure which look you are going for? No problem, change it up with a single click and pick from a wide variety.
  • Fine tune adjustments has never been simpler. I have included my “easy adjust” 1-click presets to let you quickly adjust exposure or correcting skin tones.
  • Confused about sharpening & noise reduction?  You don’t need to wonder how much or how to apply – I’ve included single click sharpening & noise reduction presets for you, using my recommended settings for best results!
  • Intuitive naming sequence makes finding and using the presets effortless.
  • Add the “pop” to your photos that’s been missing while maintaining natural skin tones.
  • Less is more – preset packs or “systems” with 100+ presets do more harm than good by offering too many options & time wasted finding which preset to apply.

Here is Everything You Get!

B&W – Blue Moon
B&W – Goto
B&W – Old Timer
B&W – Pure Class
B&W – Pure Grit
Color – Bright Eyes
Color – Classic Crisp & Clean
Color – Colechella
Color – Cool Cat
Color – Winter Wonderland
Color – El Galante’
Color – Endless Summer
Color – Forevermore
Color – JERF
Color – Kabooyah!
Color – Miracle
Color – Peachy Keen
Color – Snow Bird
Color – Warm Gaze
Color – Wildcard
Exposure Adjust -.66
Exposure Adjust +.33
Exposure Adjust +.66
Exposure Adjust +1.00
Exposure Reset to 0.00
Grain – Reset to No Grain
Grain 1 – Add Light Grain
Grain 2 – Add Heavy Grain
Noise Reduction Off
Noise Reduction On
Red Skin Remover – Reset
Red Skin Remover
Sharpening Off
Sharpening On
Vignette – Reset to No Vignette
Vignette 1 – Light Vignette
Vignette 2 – Medium Vignette
Vignette 3 – Strong Vignette

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to use these presets?
These presets import directly into Adobe Lightroom photo editing software – the absolute premier photo editing program used by photographers.  If you do not have the program, the presets will not work – you can purchase Lightroom through Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Package for only $9.99 a month which also comes with Photoshop.  It’s a “must-have” tool for all photographers!
When will I receive access to the presets?
As soon as you purchase you will receive an email with a link to download!
Can I keep it forever?
Yes! You’ll have lifetime access!
Will these work with my version of Lightroom?
These presets work flawlessly with Lightroom 4 & Lightroom 5 & Lightroom 6 or CC
I still have a question – who can I email?
No problem, you can email me at [email protected] if you still have a question!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  With my 30 day money back guarantee the risk is all on me, if you aren’t happy with the presets I’ll make it right.