Kids At Home Photography Workbook: Digital Copy




Introducing Kids At Home Photography Workbook - DIGITAL COPY

Discover the BRAND NEW photography teaching method that is guaranteed to make photography so EASY & FUN that your kids will stay busy for hours doing something productive (and educational) while making memories with you to last a lifetime!

In just a few days you’ll be able to…

  • Keep your kids engaged in fun for hours and hours!
  • Give yourself a break while quarantined so that you can be more product or just rest
  • Get kids off screens & doing something creative!
  • ​Challenge your kids to learn something new, practice a new skill, and have fun along the way!
  • ​Let your kids achieve while they’re home and away from friends, family, and school
  • Start sharing an amazing hobby with your kids for a lifetime


  • DIGITAL 60-page workbook that will engage your kids and keep them entertained for hours!
  • 12 different fun challenges including scavenger hunts around the house and each focusing on a unique aspect of photography! on a particular subject or photo technique.
  • Visual roadmap of all the challenges, so your child can track their progress and see  where they’re headed next!
  • Beautifully-designed with TONS of visual examples, making it appealing and easy to apply for kids! 
  • ​Super simple instruction so kids can learn the basics of ISO, aperture, shutter speed…basically, how your camera takes a picture!
  • The Challenges: Fun, interesting, and customizable exercises that will  their creativity really shine! 
  • Photography Tips: Look for this symbol throughout the challenges if you’d like to learn even more about photography! We’ll also share more interesting ways more advanced kids can capture photos!
  • Bonus Activities: Three additional fun photography-related activities interspersed throughout the book to give your kids even more ideas, and keep them entertained longer.
  • ​​Bonus Challenges: Look for this symbol with the three stars if you want to take on the additional challenges! 


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