One way or another you’ve stumbled upon Cole’s Classroom, and THANK YOU for being here!  It might have been from Facebook, or YouTube or Google or perhaps a friend of yours told you about Cole’s Classroom – at any rate, you’ve likely seen my face or read my words but do you really know me?  Well of course not….but since it’s always been my goal to be as authentic and real as possible in this crazy distant online world here are 23 Random Facts About Me that I am sure you’ll find interesting 🙂

In no particular order…

  1. When I was the ripe age of 15, I took 4th place in a nationwide “big bass” fishing contest and won $1,000 for my 16.5 pound Largemouth Bass (fish was released)
  2. Rather than just go to kindergarten like most kids, I raced BMX from ages 4 to 7.
  3. Once I turned 7, I needed a better thrill than bicycles so I graduated to racing motocross. Motocross was my life from 7 to 13 years old… I still miss riding.
  4. A true born and raised “San Diegan”, while I love to travel, I’ve found no reason to leave San Diego yet.
  5. In school I hated history and english and loved math & science – go figure that I now run a photography blog.
  6. I am a 100% self taught photographer.
  7. My idea to become a photographer surfaced during a lunch break with co-workers at my full time day-job.  Once lunch was over I went back to my desk, researched cameras and bought a Nikon D40 kit.
  8. I still hate Photoshop.
  9. If I could only eat one type of food forever, it would be mexican food – hands down.
  10. Once I got bored with Motocross I raced stand-up Jet-Skis.
  11. I met my wife Nicole at Sea World where we worked during college.  This was us way back then 🙂
    cole nicole old school
  12. I am a guitarist and play in the rock band Arson Academy.
    cole guitar
  13. At an early age I fell in love with punk rock music and to this day my favorite bands are Social Distortion, Green Day, Unwritten Law, Sum 41 and others.
  14. The first wedding I ever photographed was booked 4 days before the wedding, for $400, and was in a Thai Buddhist temple with only the couple, 3 monks and myself and was the “signed” and official “witness”.
    Denbo Wedding (3 of 26)
  15. If there was one thing I could do differently in life it would have been to travel right after college.
  16. My day-job and career was in Finance, which I quit in March of this year to be able to put more energy into this website.
  17. One of the things I am most grateful for is being able to be my own boss and operate Cole’s Classroom – thank you!
  18. The craziest thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding was our bride doing a keg-stand and her dress slipping down and exposing herself to everyone…we were shocked too 🙂
  19. At 5’4″ I wish I was just a little taller!
  20. I just turned 30 this year – time flies which is kind of scary.
  21. My closest family and friends would tell you I am one of the most authentic, honest and loyal people they know – something I am very proud of.
  22. I almost quit “Cole’s Classroom” 3 times in the first 6 months I started the blog…glad I didn’t.
  23. My dream is to live in Paris at some point in my life with Nicole and our little Yorkie “Chloe”.  Maybe we’ll make it happen some day.
    nicole cole paris

Well there you have it – some interesting facts about yours truly.

Now it’s your turn, got something interesting to share?  Let me know if the comments!


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